Marc Jacobs highliner matte gel eye crayon review

Well hello to you my reader chums! A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be sent a VoxBox  as a complimentary gift by Influenster UK and it contained 2 Marc Jacobs highliner matte gel crayons in the brown (earthquake) and light blue (deja blue) shades.

Here's my review of Marc Jacobs highliner matte gel crayons...

Marc Jacobs highliners review

Marc Jacobs are my favourite all time perfumes that I own quite a few of the collection. When I got sent these eye liners, I couldn't wait to see how their makeup compared. The eye liners are a versatile product in all the ways you can use them. I decided to use the brown liner as a replacement for my liquid liner above the lashes and to fill in the tight line. This made a nice natural change and didn't look as harsh on the eyes that a liquid liner would. I think it's the perfect look to rock on an everyday basis. As the blue liner was super light, it was almost like a white and I decided to give it a go along the water line to brighten my eyes.


The best thing about these crayons is their creamy formulation. As you apply it on they eyes, whether its the lid or water line, the eye liner is ever so smooth, it doesn't tug at all. It has the same formulation as an eye shadow stick, making application easy. Also, since they're a creamy consistency, you're able to apply and then blend them out to rock a fabulous smoky look.


These liners have intense pigmentation and really show the colour on the pencil. With one swipe, you're able to get the full colour pay off that you don't need to draw the line over again and again. The brown shade is a very natural brown colour but as the pigmentation is so strong, in some lights it can look slightly black.

Marc Jacobs highliners

Pencil design

The Vox Box came with a booklet full of images that show you different ways to use the eye crayons but I felt some of them are hard to achieve given the pencil design. As it is slightly thicker, if you wanted to create a line above the lashes or create a wing, it can be quite tricky. However for lining the water line, tight line and under the eye, they're the perfect shape/size. I think it all depends which sort of reason you'd use the eye liners for and how much you practise you have.

Colour range 
Something Marc Jacobs have excelled in is their colour range. These highliner crayons come in a variety of colours from your standard blacks and browns to vibrant turquoises, pinks and blues. I love this range, as it lets us makeup lovers go wild and be a bit more daring with our eye looks.

Lasting power

As the eye liners were rather creamy, I was a bit concerned how well they would last on my eyes. After a little testing, I found the brown to hold quite well when I've used it on the upper lash line and tight line, however with the lighter blue shade along the water line, it didn't last long at all. I'm not too sure if that's down to the lightness of the colour or how much my eyes watered which took away the colour. I'll need to test out the darker shade on the water line to fully clarify that point. Yet, for super pigmented and creamy gel liners they give off the perfect natural look.

Marc Jacobs highliners review

Overall, I'm very impressed with Marc Jacobs highliner matte gel crayons. The pigmentation is insane, they have the most creamy formulation and their colour range suits everyone. Their lasting power can be improved a bit, however other than that, I'm excited to keep trying them out for different looks. If you'd like to treat yourself to a new eye liner, I'd highly recommend giving these a go. Thank you again to Marc Jacobs Beauty!

I hope you enjoyed this review! Have you tried these highliners?

Thank you for reading <3

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