Les Misérables, Willy Wonka themed afternoon tea and Vicar's picnic festival

Well hello to you my reader chums! The week just gone has been one of my favourites this year as the time had arrived for my 21st birthday surprises to unveil from my boyfriend.

Firstly, we spent a few days in London and then went back to Maidstone for a family-fun festival. Here's everything we got up to..

On arrival to London, we left our bags at the hotel we were staying in and headed down to Covent Garden before making our way to the theatre. There's something about Covent Garden which holds a special place in my heart. It has an ultra-charming vibe with boutique shops, an everyday market and seasonal décor wherever you look. We took a little mooch around the shops and markets then got a grab to eat before it was show time. 

Covent Garden
Dan and I in Covent Garden

Les Misérables London tickets

I'm a massive theatre addict. I love going to all type of shows but musicals have to be my ultimate favourite. There's nothing better than watching a story come to life with music, dancing and clever stage production. Les Misérables, has been one of those shows I've wanted to see for absolutely years but never got the chance, however for my 21st, Dan got me tickets and I was ecstatic to say the least.

Les Misérables London queens theatre

The production was out of this world! I didn't think any show could be as good as my favourites Billy Elliot or Wicked but Les Misérables was on another level. The actors voices were insane and given the impressive staging, plus costuming, I was amazed. Each song was ten times better than the film and the actors performed with such raw emotion in each role. It's a sight I wish I could see over and over again. I've got 'a heart full of love' for Les Misérables!

Les Misérables Queens theatre London
Inside Queens Theatre in Piccadilly Circus

San Carlo Cicchettis London

After the show, we freshened up at our hotel and then made our way to San Carlo Cicchetti's, an Italian tapas style restaurant. I got recommended this restaurant by a friend and going by the exterior, I couldn't wait to see which food was in store. It's different to any Italian restaurant I've been before; the idea being that you pick a selection of medium sized dishes say 5 or 6 in oppose to the usual starter, main system. I loved this as you got the chance to taste a little bit of everything and still being able to fit in dessert. The food was divine, there was everything from classic pastas, pizzas, meat dishes, fish tasters and all sorts of appetizer style plates. If you're a big foodie, I'd definitely say give it a try. It's located in Covent Garden and as it's very popular, it would be best to book a table beforehand.

San Carlo Cicchettis London
Dan in Cicchetti's

San Carlo Cicchettis London

The décor had a rustic yet modern feel given the rose gold tables and classic pizza ovens on show. With a charismatic and inviting atmosphere, I'd go back in a heartbeat for the friendly service.

After a charming dinner, we chilled at our hotel, The Montague Gardens, located 5 minutes from Russell Square tube station. The hotel was a complete and utter treat, it felt like living in pure luxury for a night. Our room was a suite with a living area, bedroom, bathroom and additional shower room. If you're looking to stay in central London for a night and wanted to treat yourself, I'd highly recommend this hotel. It's a 5 minute walk from the tube station and only two stops from Piccadilly Circus.

The Montague gardens hotel London

The second day in London, I had no idea what we were doing as Dan had planned another surprise for me. After breakfast, we took a tube down to Green Park and strolled around the area until we arrived at The 'Chesterfield at Mayfair hotel'. I was taken aback by the interior when the lady asked 'are you here for afternoon tea?' Before I could react, we were seated and a waiter came over and said 'Welcome to the Charlie and the Chocolate factory afternoon tea!' Honestly, it was the best surprise EVER, I couldn't wait to see what they served up. I'm so thankful and grateful for the best boyfriend ever. Charlie and the Chocolate factory (the original) is my favourite film of all time so an event like this was beyond exciting!

Chesterfield at Mayfair hotel London Willy Wonka afternoon tea

Chesterfield at Mayfair hotel London Willy Wonka afternoon tea

The afternoon tea was delicious and creative all in one. At first you got served a tea, we chose the chocolate kind and then the incredible layer of food was placed in front of us. What's amazing about the food is that every single item was refillable so you could top up on sandwiches, scones and all the chocolate goodies as much as you'd like.

Chesterfield at Mayfair hotel London Willy Wonka afternoon tea

The sandwiches had the yummiest fillings and the scones were baked to perfection but the best layer by far had to be the Willy Wonka themed treats. Out of the top layer, the Wonka Bar, golden egg and blueberry macaroon were my favourite. I love how they incorporated all the film elements to create such scrummy desserts.

Chesterfield at Mayfair hotel London Willy Wonka afternoon tea

As all drinks were refillable, we decided to get chocolate milkshakes instead of the regular tea as in all honestly I don't actually like tea, although the chocolate kind wasn't that bad. The milkshakes were refreshing and chocolatey just how they should be.

After the best two days in London, we headed back home in preparation for the Vicar's Picnic Festival, held in Yalding on Friday and Saturday of that week.

The vicars picnic festival Yalding

The two days were packed with great music, quirky food trucks, glitter stalls, bootfair style stalls and a charming family-friendly atmosphere. We headed down with Dan's family and enjoyed all the festival had in store. The music was quite old school, with a few classics thrown in here and there.

The vicars picnic festival Yalding

The vicars picnic festival Yalding
Me and Dan at the festival on Friday

The vicars picnic festival Yalding

The Saturday was busier out of the two with larger crowds and more modern music. Fratellis headlined and ended the night with a bang singing their classic tunes.

The vicars picnic festival Yalding

The food scene was ever so hipster with double decker pizza restaurants, quirky cocktail stalls and burger trucks galore. If you're a foodie like me, you'd be in your element and trying out absolutely everything!

The vicars picnic festival Yalding

I had the best time at the Vicar's Picnic festival; the heart-warming vibe, chilled back music and endless chats was the perfect way to top off the week.

I feel ever so lucky to have finally seen Les Misérables and being treated like a princess in London by my boyfriend. Experiencing new things is my favourite thing to do and I'm incredibly thankful I get to them with such a loving man in my life.

I hope you enjoyed a look at my exciting week! What's your favourite theatre show you've ever seen?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. The afternoon tea looks amazing and happy belated birthdaaay xx


  2. the afternoon tea looks so so good! very jealous xo


  3. Looks like you had a great time!

    Emily xo

  4. This looks incredible! Your boyfriend seems to know you very well! My boyfriend wouldn't be able to keep the surprise and end up telling me! Happy belated 21st birthday too, it seemed so magical!! Lovely post

    Georgia x

    1. He does, I'm very lucky! I don't know how he kept it from me - thank you so much my lovely xx

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