Annual beauty favourites

Well hello to you my reader chums! Instead of posting my December favourites, I wanted to write a round-up of all the products I've been loving this year. There's been a fair few beauty discoveries this past year, many of which have now become my everyday staples.

Whether it's a new concealer, neutral palette or a natural face mask, here are my annual beauty favourites.

Annual beauty favourites

Revlon  'Colour stay' foundation

My everyday staple foundation this year has been Revlon's 'colour stay' for many reasons. It has the best medium coverage, easy blending ability, a flawless finish and wide range of colours suited for a variety of skin tones. There's also two different foundations for varied skin types and the pump is a God send. I couldn't recommend it enough if you're looking for a foundation that covers any blemishes and gives an even look without caking up the skin. Read my full review here.

Kat Von D liquid eye liner

When I was in New York, I finally got round to picking up the hyped Kat Von D liquid eye liner. I didn't think anything could top the L'oreal super liner, however I was wrong. This liquid liner is a staple black, holds in place all day long and the thin nib makes it really easy to get that perfect wing. Here's my full review.

Maybelline 'Lash sensational' mascara

I'm not entirely sure how long I've been obsessed with this mascara, but I'm pretty certain that everyday I wore mascara in 2017, I chose this one. It's the only mascara I've found that keeps my straight eye lashes curly all day long with the darkest colour. The wand is slightly curved that helps with easy application and doesn't add any thick bits of product to the lashes.

Tarte's 'Tartelette in the bloom' palette

I've tried a fair few new palettes this year but Tarte's 'tartelette in the bloom' has to be my favourite one. There's a variety of colours from nude shades, shimmery options and dark burgundy colours, that the palette can be use from day to night. I've loved rocking simple day looks to full on dramatic smoky eyes with this palette. The colours are intensely pigmented, they blend well and lasts ages on the eyes, I couldn't recommend it enough. View the full swatches here.

Hoola bronzer

I'm a massive bronzer fan and when I finally got my hands on Hoola bronzer, I instantly fell in love. It's the perfect shade to contour the cheekbones and add some colour into the skin. The packaging is super cute and it holds the contour all day long. If you want to treat yourself to a new bronzer, this is for you.

Urban Decay concealer

This concealer has it all. The thick consistency covers blemishes like a dream, it blends pretty easily and is very long lasting. As the concealer is very thick, you only need the tiniest bit to put under the eyes or on a blemish to do the full job. It's coverage, consistency and colour range have my vote. Here's my review.

Annual beauty favourites

Garnier micellar face wash

I'm not one to change my skincare up on a regular basis, however this past year I've been loving a new face wash. Garnier's micellar face wash is ultra gentle and leaves your skin feeling super fresh. It has the ability to take off light makeup and is easy to squirt out the correct amount with the handy pump. If you have sensitive skin and need a face wash that isn't too harsh, I'd recommend this.

Sleek eye brow kit

I feel like 2017 was the year of eye brows for me as instead of just using eye shadows, I got round to purchasing an actual eye brow kit. By using a kit, I've noticed a big difference with how much longer my brows stay in place and the colour being that extra bit prominent. This Sleek palette in 'light' is the perfect light brown shade mixed with the wax that matches my brows like a dream.

Sleek highlighting palette in 'Cleopatra's kiss'

I love a good highlighting palette and Sleek always do the best kits. The 'Cleopatra kiss' palette includes two creamy and two powder based gold/bronzed shades. Even though it's better as a highlight for the summer, I found I could rock this all year round as the shades add that extra bit of warmth to the skin. You can really vamp it up to a full on highlight of go for a simple look with this palette.

Nyx's liquid lipsticks

Matte lipsticks have always been my go to as I've never been the biggest fan of gloss or a sparkle on the lips, that when it comes to liquid lipsticks I can't get enough. The Nyx's version have been a staple all year round and I've constantly had one of them in my handbag just in case I wanted a pop of colour. My favourite picks are 'Cannes' and 'Rome', both different nude shades, one subtle and the other, quite vampy. They do a whole range of different colours and apply ever so creamy on the lips. I'll be sure to buy more to add to my collection this year.

Nars matte lipstick in 'Cruella'

Red lipstick is my favourite shade to rock on evenings out and of course in the festive season. One I've been absolutely obsessed with in 2017 is Nars matte lipstick in 'Cruella'. It's the perfect red shade, has a creamy formulation, is long-lasting on the lips and keeps to its matte name. I couldn't recommend it enough if you're in need of a new red lipstick. Here's my full review.

Lush 'Cupcake' face mask

Lush Cosmetics is one of my favourite brands. There's nothing better than having a bath with one of their products after a long day. Their facemasks are also fantastic products and I've been loving their 'Cupcake' one this past year. It smells great, leaves the skin feeling ultra fresh and cleansed that I can't fault it.

I hope you enjoyed my annual beauty favourites. Which products have you been loving this past year?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Ohh these are some good products! I don't really use makeup but I've definitely found a new brow option that looks enticing. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Thank you my lovely! I hope you like this brow kit xx

  2. You've got a fantastic range of products here babe - and I spot so many of my faves here too!

  3. Always after a new eyebrow kit. Loving the variety and selection you have too! Mascara and eyebrow kits are a must!

    1. Thank you - definitely give that eye brow kit a go then xx

  4. I love the Revlon Color Stay Foundation! I always love the way it leaves my skin looking. I've always wanted to try out some Sleek products, that highlight palette sounds gorgeous!

    Thanks for sharing!


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