March favourites ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! After the busy month of March and awakening of spring, April lays ahead with the promise of even more sunnier days. The past few weeks have swept by and in that time, there's been a few favourites I'd love to share with you.

Here's a look at my March favourites:

March favourites

March favourites

Estee Lauder Bronze goddess

Estée Lauder's Bronze Goddess bronzer

It's no secret my big love for bronzer and with the weather getting that little bit warmer, it's the best time to create the bronze glow look. Towards the end of the month, it was my best friend's 21st so we all got spray tans ready for the party. As the tan faded quickly from my face, to bring that colour back and match the rest of my body, I took out the summer ready bronzer. Even with the slight shimmer running through, it can be used for both an overall bronze look and contouring. The underlying orange tone isn't dramatic in the slightest and works easily for an everyday bronzed effect.

Mac's lipstick in 'Faux'

Mac's 'Faux' lipstick

As spring comes around the corner, it's time for my nude and pink lipsticks to take centre stage. My ultimate nude staple especially in the spring is Mac's 'Faux' lipstick. Their satin finishes are my second favourite as I love the ultra creamy look it gives with a slight gloss over the top. The shade 'Faux' is a light, dusky pink, an ideal subtle colour for everyday use. Its consistency is insanely moisturising, the lasting power is seamless and the colour can suit a variety of looks; I love it.

L'oreal's infallible foundation in 'vanilla'

L'oreal's Infallible foundation

Last year, L'oreal's infallible foundation became my go to everyday choice for many reasons. The lasting power, shade range, consistency and how it set on my skin was fantastic. I was never a set shade however and usually mixed up the two lightest shades together to create the colour for me. As I'd been needing a darker shade this month with my tan, I mixed this shade 'vanilla' with Revlon's colour stay foundation and it worked a treat. I thought as they were different consistencies, the mixture wouldn't work, however once applied it sat well on my skin and lasted throughout the day. I'd definitely recommend this foundation if you have combination to oily skin like me as it can be on the drier side otherwise.

Argan oil shower gel

Argan oil shower gel

I received an argan oil wash set for Christmas with everything you could need. Over the past few months, I've been trying different argan oil products out and have been impressed especially by the shower gel. The scent isn't too overwhelming and it's insanely moisturising on the skin.

Topshop's camo jacket

Topshop's camo jacket

A fashion favourite of mine that I can't get enough of this month is this camo jacket from Topshop. I've been loving to pair it with different prints, jeans or throwing it over a dress to give a bit more edge to the outfit. Its a very thin and light material so doesn't add much warmth, however that makes it ideal for this time of year. As the jacket is more of an autumn style jacket, I think it looks new and different to the typical light toned, everyday spring fashion.

I hope you enjoyed my March favourites. What have you been loving over these past few months?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. love reading favourite posts! amazing blog
    layout as well by the way xx

  2. I love Bronze Goddess and the entire range it smells beautiful and the quality is spot on! L x

  3. I'm in love with the look of that jacket from topshop, it's so pretty!
    -Olivia Xxxx

  4. Love the camo jacket! Anything camo always reminds me of Bunny (grav3yardgirl) from YouTube, do you watch her? I really need to try the Infalliable foundation, I've heard such good things!

    Abbey 😘

    1. I've watched a few of her videos! Glad you like the jacket xx

  5. Your photography is fantastic! Love the look of the argon oil shower gel, may get some to stop my skin drying out this summer! Great post xx

  6. MAC lipsticks are lipsticks are amazing and this bronzer does look really nice. I have heard many positive things about Estée Lauder. Thanks for sharing! xx corinne

  7. I never knew they had Argan Oil shower gel. I have shampoo with argan oil in it and just argan oil in general and love it so I soo need this shower gel!

  8. That camo jacket is loooovely!!

    Kirsty | The Monday Project |

  9. I love this post! I've not seen an Argan oil shower gel before but have used it in my hair! I always really want to try the L'Oréal foundation too! X

    Victoria | VictoriaaHelenn


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