Precious family moments!

Well hello to you my reader chums!

As you probably know from my previous  blogs that I have spent a lot of time with my family this holiday. This is because my auntie, uncle and cousins who I haven't seen for a few years came down to England from Greece! It's been a very busy last couple of weeks but I've honestly had the best time! We went in so many days out and had sooo much fun! I absolutely love my family and now they've gone back, I really do miss them! Due to them coming down it did really bring the family together again just like old times! Okay here's the pictures of the past couple of weeks, enjoy!
Me and Maria with the new baby colson <3

Going in the sea in your clothes is definitely the best idea! ;) This is the day we went to Folkestone beach but done of us didn't bring swimming costumes.. Maisons running to me, too cute!

Maria and Maison :)

Mini golfing, the beach and back to nannies all in one day :)

Dover castle :)

Wingham bird park :)

Thorpe park with all the cousins, we were a bit wet at the end as it began to rain! Was such a good day! 

Roller skatingggg!!

Bowling! We split the group in half and played four on four. On the first game three of us drew! Haha!

The brothers and sister and their mum ( my nan)

Family day in the garden :')

Paintballing and then a meal at the Toby carvery, kind of like our last supper with them! I can honestly say the last couple of weeks have been amazing! We've had so many days out to different places where we had a blast! I love the Driscoll family to pieces and I'm so glad that this summer we spent so much time together! Seeing auntie Helen, uncle bubbles, and cousins George, Christios and Alex after a few years has made my summer! Everyone is so close again and it's just like old times! It was sad to see them go home but I'm really thankful of the precious memories we created this summer with not only them but the rest of the Driscoll clan! I hope you enjoyed this very picture heavy blog and have all had a great summer too! I think 2013 has been one of my best summers spending a lot of time with friends as well as having these precious moments with the family <3 

Thank you got reading, I hope you enjoyed! 


  1. aaaw your baby cousin is so cute :)!

  2. 1)you're really pretty!
    2)your cousin is ADORABLE :P
    3)im very jealous of that Minion stuffy thing ;)


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