Review: Loréal wild ombré kit

Well hello to you my reader chums! 

I've been into the ombré look for a while now and really wanted to have it done on myself. There are many different ways of having it done. When I was on YouTube an ad came up at the side of the Loréal wild ombré kit. I loved that it looked really easy to do so I did some research on tutorials. After watching them I decided to go out and purchase it. 
I got colour number two which is designed for dark blonde to medium brown hair because I have light brown hair. I didn't actually ombré it myself but got  got  my friend Chloe to do it :) the kit came with easy steps to follow. There were four labelled items: a sachet of lightening powder, a tube of lightening creme and an applicator bottle of developing cream which all had to be mixed into the applicator bottle. The last labelled thing was a bottle of shampoo which smelt lovely! The kit also came with a brush which made it really easy to apply the mixture to the hair because you could just brush it through. Here's some before and after shots: 
Here's the back of my hair, as you can see the difference is quite subtle and natural because I didn't want too much of a dramatic transition between the brown and the blonde. 

Here's the shots from the front. 

Overall I would highly recommend this product, it was really easy to apply and gave me the natural look of ombré that I wanted. I think if I left it in a bit longer it would of gone blonder so if you would like a lighter ombré leave it up to the full time on the box. I only left it on for about half an hour. The brush that it came with was such a bonus because it really did help! If you want a good easy ombré kit, this is the kit for you! 

Thank you for reading , I hope you enjoyed! <3


  1. It looks really nice, I think it looks best natural (a few shades different to your hair colour):) I'll probably buy this soon as my ombre has nearly gone, it lasted a year!

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  2. Aw it looks so beautiful!:-) Great review:)xx
    - from Annie ToadRoad


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