July favourites!

Well hello to you my dear reader chums!

We're in August already, I can't believe it! Where did July go?! July has been such a good month with the summer holidays kicking off where I've spent a lot of time down the beach with friends! The sun has been shining in the UK and I've been loving it, still failed to get a proper tan though..

Here's all the products I've been loving this month:
My first product is the fashionista eye shadow palette by MUA, if you've been following my blog you'd probably know I received this in my package from MUA that I won. I love this palette, the colours are really shimmery and pigmented. This month I'd say I've been using the creamy colour called double take the most as I find its a lovely colour in the crease for an ultra creamy look, with a champagne colour on the lid. The two bottom colours I find are good for a bronzy eye look, I didn't even realise that the one on the right was a bronzer!I should read the back more.. The nude colour is perfect for a base. I'm really impressed with this palette because I'm a big fan of shimmery neutral eye shadows and these definitely fitted the bill with them being extremely pigmented and pretty as well!

My next products are a cleanser and toner which I received in a skin care set by the body shop from my friends on my birthday. Before getting these I used to just use make up wipes to take off my make up and not really do much else if I'm honest. However now I find using this cleanser and toner for that purpose is much easier and leaves the skin feeling refreshed. The cleanser has a lovely creamy texture that when applied to the skin feels gentle and easily removes all my make up! The toner is just as amazing with removing the excess make up with only a small amount needed. After using these products I can honestly say my skin feels so soft and revitalised. The cleanser also has a nice smell, a little bonus!

The next product also came in the set from the body shop, its the moisturiser from the same range. I fell in love with this moisturiser as soon as I first applied it! The consistency is extremely soft/light and only a small amount is needed when applied to the face to feel like its doing the job. It has the loveliest smell and leaves the face instantly refreshed and awakened, would definitely recommend it!

The next product is a white coal eye liner from MUA. I've started to get into wearing white eye liner on the water line instead of black this month because I find it brightens up the eyes even more and is so much less harsh especially for the summer time. For a coal liner I think it stays on for a reasonable amount of time, but not all day, meaning it would  probably need to be applied again later in the day. However for a pound its a great bargain!

The next favourite is from the fashionista range by MUA and it is their lip gloss. This lip gloss is really pretty and is like a peachy light pink colour. It even smells of ice cream sundaes, how amazing is that?! I think its such a lovely colour for the summertime as its quite sheer with a hint of pink/peach in it.

My nail polish favourite for the month is collection's in fruit salad. For me the colour coral is a really summery colour and I absolutely love it. The nail polish itself doesn't stay on for that long and chips after a couple of days however. I'm currently wearing it on my toes and it just enforces the idea of summer for me! I think a bold colour is needed in the summer to finish off an outfit and this totally fits that idea!

My last and far not by least product is the falsies mascara in waterproof by maybelline. I was extremely excited when I finally got my hands on this because I've heard so many amazing reviews and its Tanya Burr's favourite mascara. It honestly does live up to its name because it gives the lashes a false look effect by lengthening and volumising them! The waterproof aspect is just a bonus because as I'm going to be spending most the summer down the beach a waterproof mascara is a necessity. It doesn't smudge easily and stays on all day.
My last favourite of the month is a music favourite and that is the song Carry you by Union J, I've had this song on repeat like for ages now, I love it! I was extremely lucky to see them live at the Sound Island festival where George waved and JJ blew me a kiss, ahhh fangirling much, was one of the best days of my life! I also saw Jessie J who was the headline and she was just pure perfection, I adore her, she s so inspiring! The other acts were the vamps, Lawson, MK1 and Joyrider. I'm a huge fan of Lawson too and they were just as amazing! If anyone wants to see the pictures or wants a proper blog post on it I can do that :)
Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Whats everyone else's monthly favourites? <3


  1. I can't wait to try the Falsies mascara!I don't know why I haven't gotten around to buying it yet, I've heard nothing but amazing things.

  2. I love the falsies mascara, great post:)xx
    - From Annie ToadRoad

  3. Love your favourites! Really need to go out and finally buy the Falsies Mascara. Great post! :) xx

    ~ www.brunette-wavez.blogspot.com

  4. I can'y believe it's August either!
    I've got a Fashionista palette that I put together and i'm really impressed with the eyeshadows and blusher.

    Hannah x

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  6. I love the falsies mascara!, I'm a huge fan of the body shop skin care products, you should try the coconut body scrub or the lemon one they are awesome.

    nice blog

  7. love the MUA palette, looks like you could use them as highlighters as well!

    also, i'm hosting a GIVEAWAY on my blog at the moment with a mac lipstick of your choice up for grabs so be sure to check it out!

    katy x


  8. The body shop cleanse and toner sound really good! I usually use garnier makeup remover which I find really good but it makes my skin oily :/

    Harian x. Littlecoldcoffee.blogspot.com


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