Review: MUA nail polish

Well hello to you my dear reader chums!  

Apologies for the lack of blogs, you see my auntie and cousins are down from Greece who I haven't seen in a couple of years, meaning we've been spending a lot of time with them! I've missed them so much, and having all these days out is just like old times!  I will put a blog post up next week or so when they've gone giving you a look at the times we had together :)

Today, I'm doing a review on one of the nail polishes I received from MUA with the name frozen yogurt.
 This nail polish is a purple/ indigo type colour which I absolutely love! The
consistency of the polish itself it's quite watery which means it takes a few layers to build up the actual colour. Once on, the colour looks lovely on the nails and I would say lasts for a good couple of days before it chips with a top coat. For one pound I think this nail polish is definetly amazing, the colour is pretty, it last for a few days and for that price where can you go wrong?! Another fantastic product from MUA! 
Here's some nail art I did on top of the polish, I think it looks really cute as I'm a massive fan of dots!  
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  1. Your nails look cute :) I really need to try this nail polish, MUA has great makeup!


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