How to maintain a long-distance friendship

 Well hello to you my reader chums! As an adult maintaining friendships can be challenging as many people can be busy with other commitments. Adding long distance to that can make maintaining friendships even more difficult. One of my closest friends has lived in another country across the world for nearly six years now and at times, it has been hard, yet, our friendship is still strong and I'm grateful to have our connection.

If your friend has moved away or you're struggling with distance in a friendship, here are my tips on how to maintain a long-distance friendship

How to maintain a long distance friendship

Schedule call and face time dates

The most practical way to stay in touch with someone, not in the same country or time zone is to schedule time in to spend and chat with each other. Whether it's a phone call, Face Time or Zoom call, having that regular time with them in the diary will guarantee a catch-up. In the same way, you have catch-ups with your friends who live in the town at coffee shops, do the same virtually. Grab a drink and get comfy as you have a good old chinwag.

Text or voice note them as much as possible

Texting and voice notes are the quickest way to communicate with someone, especially a friend in a different location. If they aren't available to answer your call there and then, a text or voice note will give you the chance to share your thoughts with them and wait for them to respond when they get a spare moment. I find when I don't have time in a week for a call, I can still stay connected by sending a quick text or voice note here and there.

Show them love on social media

Being your friend's hype person can be challenging when you are miles apart, but this is where the power of social media can come in. Whether they post something they're doing or have a business venture, give all the support through likes, comments and messaging. It can remind them you're still there for them even miles apart.

Include them in group chats

I feel like as an adult, the best way to communicate with multiple people is through group chats. Ensure your long-distance pal is included in the relevant chats as it can help them stay in the loop with the everyday things going on, and gives them another level of connection.

Organise to meet up when they're in the same country as you

It may be once a year or twice a year but whenever they're in the same country as you, organise a meetup. This could be a coffee, a simple walk, dinner out or an activity you enjoy together. Whatever the occasion, any form of quality time will help keep that connection alive.

Send out cards on birthdays and special occasions

Special occasions are a wonderful reminder of the important people you have in your life. If someone's in a different country, it can be expensive to send a physical gift or organise to do something for their birthday. Due to this, a card is a happy medium as it shows you've remembered and thought of them, a simple gesture of love.

Arrange to go see each other

Again, this is down to your personal circumstances. But when you're able to, see if you can organise a trip to see each other, whether it's once a year or every few months. Flying out (or driving) to see them can mean the world and give you dedicated time to spend with one another.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where in the world does your friend live?

Thank you for reading <3

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