Travelling with your partner long-term: my top tips

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Travelling is my favourite thing in the world and doing it with my partner makes it extra special. I love how we're able to experience new things together such as trying new foods, seeing new sights or learning about different cultures. Travelling long-term is a blessing but completely different from going on a week-long holiday with your partner. You're with each other 24/7, experience unique things together and see the highs and lows of the travel way of life.

If you're heading on a backpacking or long-term trip with your partner, here are my best tips on how to travel with your partner.

Check-in with each other regularly

Checking in with emotions is incredibly important every day, especially when you're roaming around a new place and faced with different challenges. Also with travelling, it can be tiring and overwhelming and it's important to recognise that. What my partner and I did every day was a check-in each morning. We rated how we were feeling in terms of mood and energy out of ten as it gave us both an indication of where we were at for the day. And, if both of the scales were low, it opened up the conversation to talk about how and why we were feeling that way.

Give each other space when possible

When you're travelling with each other 24/7, it can be hard to give each other your own individual time and space as there's no room for it. However, there are ways around this. For example, if one of you wants to sit and watch something on their phone or take some time to journal quietly, respect their wishes. Or if they simply want to be with their thoughts. Give each other the space and energy to do the things they like on their own accord, even if you're still in the room with them.

Compromise on your plan

A relationship is all about compromise and when travelling with your partner, it's the same premise. You should compromise on your itinerary overall when planning the trip, and the every day once you're there. This can include where you want to go to eat, when you need to rest and the order you want to do things that day. Communication is key to compromising as you can come to a conclusion with what fits you both.

Never abandon each other

You are a team, first and foremost and that means never abandoning each other. You can argue and disagree but never leave as you should stand by each other on your trip. When my partner and I were low energy or tired, we'd bicker a bit here and there, and that's normal. But we always knew we had each other and it was just a little bicker. 

Always be open to talk

As I mentioned, communication is vital in a relationship and especially when with each other 24/7. You need to have an open mind and want to talk things through, the good and the bad, at any point in the day. If you're not feeling up for talking at one point, acknowledge this and say you'll speak about it later.

Be self-aware of your emotions

Self-awareness is something we should all strive to improve on as it helps you recognise your own feelings and emotions and how you're projecting that in a situation. Being self-aware when travelling is really useful in helping to communicate with your partner effectively, and support each other.

Know each other's boundaries

Understanding boundaries can help you both flourish on your travels. You'll both have different boundaries, whether that's having some alone time or not pressing when your partner doesn't want to talk. Boundaries can vary but knowing what your partners are can help you make effective decisions, and aid you in growing together.

Love and appreciate every moment 

Travelling is phenomenal and a wonderful experience to enjoy in a partnership, whether it's a backpacking venture or a luxury cruise ship. Whatever the destination, remember to capture every moment and cherish it. Be present in what you're experiencing, focus on your quality time together and fall in love with your adventure. I can assure you travelling with your partner will help you flourish and thrive as a couple.

I hope you enjoyed this post! What else would you add?

Thank you for reading <3

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