How to practice self-love in a relationship

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm a huge advocate for self-love as many of you may know. It's something I promote and talk about all the time on my blog because I believe we all deserve to be the love of our own life and fully accept who we are.

When entering into a relationship, many of us don't think self-love is needed as much but honestly, it's needed even more than ever. You need to learn how to love yourself so you're able to show your partner how best to love you. And, it's important to remember relationships should add to or compliment your life, they aren't there to fill up your whole happiness cup.

If you're in a new relationship or looking for advice on self-love, here are my best tips to practice self-love in a relationship.

How to practice self-love in a relationship

Have 'you' time

'You' time is incredibly important but especially when you're in a relationship. When in a relationship, your time isn't fully your own anymore because you'll want to spend time with your partner and your social circle, inevitably gets a lot bigger - this is why it's essential to prioritise that time for you. It could be an evening or two a week or a whole day, just ensure you're making it a regular thing, as it'll prevent you from losing yourself. 

Continue practising all of your hobbies

Hobbies are incredibly important. We all have passions and things which make our hearts soar and you need to keep doing those for yourself. It'll help develop your mind and fall in love with more things in your life, and give you things of your own. Your partner is a massive part of your life, but it's important to grow as people as well as grow together, and that's where the beauty of hobbies fits in.

Learn about your own love languages

Love languages are something we should be taught in school. We all give love in different ways and we all feel love in different ways. It's important to recognise which love language is yours, whether that's quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch or receiving gifts. Once you know which love language is yours, you can learn to give that love to yourself and also educate your partner on how best you feel loved.

Continue to be your own hype person

A relationship means having your own hype person, however, it doesn't mean you should stop being that hype person to yourself. Compliment yourself, praise yourself for your achievements, talk yourself up on a bad day and treat yourself. You deserve to continue being kind to yourself and being the love of your own life.

Practice healthy habits

It's natural when you get into a relationship to fall into each other's habits rather than maintain your own and why it's important to recognise which habits are significant for you - and can be put in place. This can be going to the gym, doing pilates, making better eating habits or getting outside in the evening rather than watching TV. Whatever they are, practise the habits to ensure they become a regular thing.

Learn to develop emotional boundaries

Boundaries are important for your own emotional needs, and also play a big part in a relationship too. It's important even when in a relationship to be self-sufficient and learn to regulate your own emotions because even though your partner is there to support you, they can't do it all for you - and is where setting boundaries come into play to look after yourself.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude can really change your life and is one of the best ways to help you practice self-love. Practising gratitude daily will help you fall in love with yourself and your life even more - and can help you have a better foundation for your relationship too.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What would you add?

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