Why having confidence is so important

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Confidence is one of those things in life we all struggle with, whether you were a shy child, struggle with social interactions or don't have confidence in yourself, it's a skill we can all learn. The thing about confidence is, that it can be an act for many people and is genuinely down to not caring what people think to come across as confident.

If you're struggling with confidence or are on the route to building your confidence, here are a couple of reasons why confidence is so important.

Why having confidence is so important

It gives you the belief in yourself

We all deserve to have belief in ourselves. We are the only person we can rely on and honestly upon, that in itself is the reason we truly deserve that feeling of knowing our worth, hyping ourselves up and having confidence in ourselves. Confidence is the thing which helps us have belief in ourselves. Got a dream you want to pursue? Confidence will give you the push. Have a cool outfit you want to wear? It's the confidence that'll help you rock it with style. Got a presentation at work? Confidence will help you boss it.

Confidence is an underrated skill but one which is at the crux of everything. This confidence can be built and typically will come with age but there are things you can do to help boost it such as affirmations, talking kindly to yourself and generally, just focusing on you and who you are with no influence of anyone else.

Instils the idea you're good enough

Confidence is your biggest hype person as it's the thing which instils the idea in you, that you are good enough. You are worthy of your dreams. You are worthy of that outfit. You are worthy of love and every opportunity. Confidence is the stepping stone to believing all those things. It's the voice in your head which gives you that extra push.

Because you deserve to be confident with who you are

The most important reason for having confidence is because you deserve to be who you are, love who that is and live an authentic life. Life really is too short to be worrying about what the world thinks of you or if you're on the right path. At the end of the day, we're all a little bit lost and unsure of what the future holds but that's the beauty of it - you just need to have the confidence it'll all work out for you. You deserve everything you desire.

Nobody thinks about you as much as you think of them

This is something I speak about all the time because it's something I'm still learning myself, and trying to implement in my thought process every day. I can assure you, nobody is thinking about what you're doing as much as you - so do what you want. Apply for the job, wear the outfit, post the Tik Tok, and start the business. Do all the things that those opinions and lack of confidence are holding you back from doing.

It motivates you to do better

Confidence is a force within us which pushes us to do better. When you're stepping out of your comfort zone, it's the confidence in you that pushes you further. Confidence is important for that reason because, without it, you won't be able to grow and develop as much as you deserve in your everyday life.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What other reasons do you have?

Thank you for reading <3

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