24 hours in Verona: things to see and do

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Verona is a gorgeous city to explore; the home of Romeo and Juliet, a sea of pretty buildings, shopping galore and buildings oozing with Italian charm. If you're heading on a day trip or fancy getting the train down from Venice or Bologna, here is my 24 guide to Verona. 

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24 hours in Verona: things to see and do

What there is to see and do

Piazza Brà and Verona Arena

One phrase I'd describe Verona as is 'picture perfect'. It was beautiful everywhere I looked and if you're in love with taking photos, it's an iconic city. Piazza Brà is stunning; the square is packed with colour, life, a selection of restaurants, cafes, and the historical Verona Arena. It's a prime spot to mooch around and grab a coffee, and people watch.

Verona Arena

The Arena can be visited and roamed around for 10 euros, and you can also attend performances there. I didn't personally go in as I preferred to mooch around the outside and that was enough for me to tick it off my list. Plus, sitting with a hot chocolate in front of it was an amazing experience. 

Piazza Delle Erbe

I adored this little piazza. It has a joyous and busy vibe with so much going on. The Piazza Delle Erbe is known for its markets and I'm a sucker for a good market, that's why I loved it so much. It's surrounded by pretty buildings and architecture to admire, shops, and restaurants, and of course the market. The market runs all week and is full of everything from souvenirs, leather handbags to freshly cooked goods, something for everyone.

24 hours in Verona: things to see and do

Basilica di Santa Anastasia

The Basilica di Santa Anastasia was a glorious church to visit and I loved looking around it. It's one of those places I would definitely say you need to visit on your trip to the city. It's a couple of euros to get in and the interior is enough to wow you as soon as you enter the building. The tall archways with the mosaic ceiling really did blow my mind with their beauty.

Basilica di Santa Anastasia

Ponte Pietra

This had to be one of the most gorgeous spots in the entire city, especially as it was a blue sky day when I was there. The Ponte Pietra is the oldest bridge in Verona and was completed in 100BC. It overlooks the entire scope of the city from both sides and is the perfect spot to admire the beauty that is Verona. My favourite thing was how under the blue sky, the water under the bridge was glistening and it made me feel so alive.

Ponte Pietra

Castel San Pietro

My favourite spot in the city had to be Castel San Pietro. It's a bit of a trek with lots of different steps to the top with many viewpoints as you make your way up, however, once you arrive at the Castel San Pietro, it makes it all worthwhile. Seeing the city from a height was incredible; I loved watching the river ebb and flow with the endless sea of buildings that make up the wonderous city of Verona. Up there, is a perfect spot for a picnic, to snap a photo, or simply sit with your thoughts.

Verona viewpoint

Juliet's House

Verona is famous for Romeo and Juliet and that's why you can't really pass by the city and not see the house. It's free to enter Juliet's courtyard where you can see the famous balcony and statue, however, if you'd like to go inside and onto the balcony, it's 6 euros. The queue to Juliet's House can be busy depending on the time of year and day, so be wary to prepare some time out of your day to line up.

Juliet's house

Mooching around the city

I loved mooching around Verona, it has an aesthetically-pleasing appeal to it all with the grand and colourful architecture, shopping scene, cute eateries, and quaint streets dotted around. The best thing to do when you've experienced all the must-see sights is to spend the rest of your day in the city exploring and discovering hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path eateries, and areas to see.


Where to stay

The selection of accommodation in Verona is endless as it has a slightly touristy vibe so you'll have no trouble finding an elegant and affordable place to stay. I stayed in the most gorgeous B&B, called B&B Accademia, which was only located about a 5-10 minute walk into the main hub of Verona, and had the loveliest host too. It was super affordable, spacious, and clean, and I had my own balcony, looking out onto the streets of Verona.

How to get around

Verona's city centre is pretty small which means you're able to get around it for the most part on foot and can walk to all of the must-see sights. The station isn't too far from the city centre so you're able to easily hop on a train and head over to nearby cities such as Venice, Bologna, and Milan for example.

24 hours in Verona: things to see and do

I hope you enjoyed this post. Have you visited Verona?

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  1. This does looks like a great city to mooch around - admire the pretty architecture, visit the quaint shops, and enjoy a cup of coffee. It would be really nice to visit Juliet's courtyard too. B&B Accademia sounds like a lovely place to stay. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  2. Ruth| Ruthiee loves Glamour28 November 2021 at 06:53

    Wow! I never knew there was a place named Verona but this place sounds like a fun place to be and it's so beautiful. I would love to visit Verona sometime in the future.


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