Book review: The Hush Society by Izzy Matias

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I love discovering new books and new authors, that's the beauty of the book world. When fellow blogger Izzy got in touch about reviewing her book, I couldn't have been more excited. There's something so joyous about discovering a new voice and reading The Hush Society was a great opportunity.

Whether you're a big lover of music or love a deep way of thinking, here is my full book review of The Hush Society by Izzy Matias.

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The Hush Society by Izzy Matias


The protagonist Cameron has longed to be a musician and it's the only thing he has always loved. After being kicked out of his fifth band, Cameron and his best pals Benji and Eric, also fellow musicians stumble across a series of underground live music shows called The Hush Society. This society was everything all of them dreamed of who all shared the pure joy of music and creating it.

The founder Cassie is a wild and artistic spirit and began The Hush Society to spread the joy of music with like-minded individuals. When Cassie invites Cameron and his mates to join The Hush Society on their summer tour, it was the start of something for the band, to give Cameron one last shot at becoming a famous musician. Cameron has to sacrifice university and the respect of his father for this opportunity but he knew it's what he had to do.

Will he be able to reach success or let his self-doubts get in the way of being the musician he has always dreamed about?

Characters and relationships

I really connected with the characters in this book because they were all young and had a vision of pursuing a dream, their biggest passion which is something that reigned true with me. It was interesting to read the book from a male's perspective and I related a lot to Cameron as a person. I like how his character was portrayed as so honest and real, and how his thoughts and insecurities were painted through the plotline as it made him more realistic.

My favourite bond had to be between Cameron, Eric and Benji because the purity in their friendship was so real. The way they spoke to each other with the banter, the way they supported each other and how honest they are, made me smile. Their friendship was painted in a real light and I loved to see that grow as the chapters went on, through good news and bad news.

I also love to read Cassie and Cameron's bond as it developed refreshingly and timely, with the right amount of sentiment and reality about it. Other characters including Amber, Lily and Ella were also characters I really enjoyed reading about. They all came together so well and complimented each other as friends do. I love how Lily's character, it spoke about her panic attacks and how they as a collective helped her through them. The whole premise of the book had a deeper look, especially the character's relationships.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. As someone who isn't big on the music industry, I wasn't sure what to expect from this novel, however, it exceeded my expectations in every way. I loved the characters as a whole, and how their relationships developed and fed into the plot. I loved how the main premise of the book was always to follow your dreams and to never give up on your passions as that's so important and a theme which continued the whole way through. The book has an honest writing approach to it with a deeper understanding of the characters, what was going on and spoke about important issues including panic attacks and financial troubles. The way Cameron led the plot helped me connect with him and the rest of the characters as his insecurities are what a lot of us go through, and by vocalising them in the plotline, it helps readers know they're not alone.

The book had a great pace to it, I liked the length of the chapters and how the descriptions paved out of the locations. One of my favourite elements was the focus on travel and how the new locations were described as I felt like I was really there every step of the way.


As always I won't give the ending away, however, what I can say, it ended on a happy and uplifting note. It showed that no matter what, everything will always be okay in the end and that you should never give up on your dreams.

You can pick up your copy of The Hush Society here.

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  1. Ahhh thank you so much for your kind and lovely review, Della!! I am so, so glad you enjoyed the book. Your review just made my day!! 💜

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