36 Hours in Milan - what to see and do

Well hello to you my reader chums! The weekend just gone, I jetted off for a short city break to Milan with my best friends. We booked the trip with only two weeks to spare, and in that time, planned out how to tackle all the main sites in those 36 hours.

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Walking through its city streets past the designer shops, iconic architecture, and that lingering scent of delicious cuisine, Milan is a city not to miss. Smaller than expected, the time we spent there was enough to see all its famous landmarks and absorb the Italian culture. With this post, I'm going to show you everything I got to see and offer some advice on how you can see it all in a short amount of time.

Day 1 - Travelling and evening dining 

On Friday 3rd February, we headed up to London Gatwick airport and boarded our 1pm flight with EasyJet to arrive in Milan at around 4pm.

EasyJet plane in London Gatwick

London Gatwick airport boarding plane

After landing in Milan, we took a transfer and taxi from the airport, arriving at our apartment around 5.30pm. We stayed at Dreams Hotel Residenza De Marchi, a charming set of apartments on the outskirts of Milan. The modern apartment provided 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living area, and a kitchen with plenty of space for the 4 of us. Milan is full of accommodation options if you'd prefer a hotel or B'n'B.

Once settled in our apartment, we got dressed up and went to find a restaurant for dinner. In the neighbourhood we were in, stood a charming tucked away pizzeria so we dined there. I chose a classic pizza with prosciutto ham and a pear/chocolate cake for dessert. The wine was the perfect way to toast our first night in Italy and tasted delicious.

Pizza in Milan restaurant, Italy

Pizzeria in Milan Italy

Milan fine dining, Italy

Day 2 - Sightseeing around the city of Milan

On Saturday, our final and full day in Milan, we packed all the main sights in. Hopping on the bus to the metro, we stopped off at Piazza del Duomo and had breakfast. On the other side of the square, opposite the Duomo sat a quaint café which served up a mouth-watering breakfast. We had a plate of croissants packed with different fillings and a hot chocolate each which basically consisted of a thick, creamy drinkable mouse!

travelling around Milan

Italian breakfast in Milan, Italy

Dining in Milan Italy

After eating, we got on the hop on, hop off city tour bus. This basically has 3 different routes around the city, where you pay a day fee and can get on/ off whenever you please. When driving around, you're given headphones to plug in which explain a bit of the route's background history. I would 100% recommend these tours if you're in a city for only a few days as you can get a glimpse of it all. 

Our tour began at the square and after taking us around the city, we hopped off at the Central station. Here, we took a few images of the scenery and had a look inside the station, the second biggest in Italy. We stopped off for lunch there and then got back on the bus to resume the day tour.

Piazza del Duomo Milan Italy

Milan central station, Italy
Milan central station, Italy

The next stop was the Sforza Castle, a significant landmark built originally in the 15th century and renovated during the 16th-17th century. From there, it was rebuilt with today housing several of the city's museums and art collections. We took a look around the grounds and fountain which stood outside, soaking up its history.

Sforza castle, Milan Italy
Milan main city square

It wouldn't be a trip to Milan without a shopping spree so we hopped back on the bus and got off at one of its major shopping streets, Corsa Bueno Aires. Next to the city tour bus stop stood this one shop we all fell in love with. They offered clothes and accessories for a variety of price ranges. I'd describe it as an Italian version of Forever 21. At that store, I picked up a few denim pieces and jumper, all for under 30 Euro! We looked around another few shops and then jumped back on the metro to return to Piazza del Duomo. It was then time to visit the Duomo, one of Milan's most iconic sights. I have to say, this was my highlight of Milan. Nothing mesmerises me more than an incredible cathedral or church with the mind-blowing architecture and religious significance. Being religious myself, I find visiting new churches very therapeutic especially when abroad.

Duomo cathedral milan italy
Duomo milan cathedral, italy

Duomo cathedral milan, italy

Duomo cathedral milan interior

To warm up, we headed to a martini bar that stood right next to the Duomo. I chose a hot chocolate as my hands were freezing and just like the morning drink, it tasted divine. After a few chats and giggles, we walked down to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world's oldest shopping malls. It's architecture and design blew me away! Lined with some of the best designers and fine dining restaurants, the place oozed glamour.

Piazza del Duomo at night

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II Milan Italy

Piazza del Duomo Milan Italy

After window shopping, we browsed round the nearby streets and found a restaurant for our final meal in Milan. I chose the exceptional caprese salad and pesto pasta with a glass of wine, the ideal ending to a swift city break. We then got a taxi back to the apartment and packed up, ready for our early morning flight to London. Ciao Milano!

The rustic and fast-paced feel of Milan was one to remember. With the highlight of the Duomo, endless shops and fine dining, I'd recommend a city break here to all.

I hope you enjoyed an insight of how I spent 36 hours in Milan. Have you ever visited?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Your pics makes me what to go back to Milan.. i went in christmas time and it was magical.. love all the pics of the food looks delicious


    1. Wow, how amazing! I'd love to see it at Christmas - thank you xx

  2. It looks like you had the most fantastic time! Love all the photos! I wished I lived somewhere where I could just "jet off" to Milan...
    So jealous!


    1. Thank you lovely! Oh my, hope you get to see it one day xx

  3. Love this post. I have been meaning to go to Milan and I think 2017 is as good as any year. I love how you were able to really enjoy it in just 36 hours. I will be looking out to see if there are any deals I can find for this beautiful city.


    1. Thank you lovely - I hope you get the chance to go! xx

  4. Ahh the food looks amazing! Lovely post x
    Morgan // www.justmorgs.com

  5. I've always wanted to visit Milan! Great photos and post!

    ‪Terri x

    1. Thank you - hope you get to visit some day! xx

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    1. I loved Rome! Would definitely recommend a visit to Milan even if it was just a day or two to see the sights - thank you! xx

  7. Never visited Milan, it looks really beautiful. Really nice photos and enjoyed reading your post! :D


  8. Ugh Milan, I'm so JEALOUS ���� that food looks absolutely incredible and so does the Duomo, definitely on my must-see list!

  9. Milan looks beautiful, it'd be great to visit! I love your photos too x

    Amy | notsomousybrown.com

  10. I've never been to Milan but it's on my list of places to go. Your pictures and he food look amazing

    Tasha x


  11. It looks like you had a lovely trip - I've always wanted to visit Italy specifically Milan so this post was great for me :) lovely post xx


  12. I love this post. I have just been to Rome and had the most amazing time!

    Great tips!

    Rachael xox


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