Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

Well hello to you my reader chums! Halong Bay was one of my top highlights in Vietnam. It's a beautiful place to explore, from the beaches, the views of the bay to nature. It's a peaceful and wonderful bay to go on a day trip or spend a night or two. If you're heading north in Vietnam, here are a few reasons why you should choose a day trip to Halong Bay.

Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

Seaside love

There's no better day out than by the seaside. The combination of sun, sand, and clear water is the picture of a dream and you can fulfill that at Halong Bay. The Bay is renowned for its emerald waters and the perfect location to relax. It's a unique place to go for a swim, go kayaking, or on an island tour. Any water baby will adore experiencing the emerald waters and looking out to the famous limestone cliffs. 

Makes for a break away from the cities

If you're staying in Hanoi before heading to Halong Bay, then you'll breathe a literal breath of fresh air. Hanoi is busy, loud, and dirty, and Halong Bay is the complete opposite of that. The bay is peaceful despite the level of tourism there, it's the perfect spot to spend a few days. You can soak up all the beauty of the bay in a day but for that full experience away from the city, spend a day or two.

Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

The views

Something that will completely blow you away is the views of Halong Bay. Whether you're on a boat along the bay or from a viewpoint, the views of the thousands of limestone cliffs and water will honestly blow your mind. It's insanely beautiful and I really hope tourism doesn't take that pure beauty away.

Opportunity for activities 

Travelling is about experiencing new things and trialing out different activities and Halong Bay is perfect for this. There are hundreds of things you can do in Halong Bay from going on a cruise, visiting the Hang Sung Sot caves, kayaking, diving, cycling, island hopping, and national parks. You won't be out of things to do.

Reasons to visit Halong Bay on your Vietnam trip

Island hopping

Halong Bay is a prime spot for taking a boat trip across to lots of different islands whether that's an afternoon or day trips. The nearby islands include Monkey Island, Cat Ba Island, Fighting Cocks Island, Lan Ha Bay, Dau Be Island and many more.

There's nothing else like it

On my trip to Asia, nothing matched Halong Bay. The Thailand Islands were absolutely beautiful, however, Halong Bay had that extra special thing to it with glowing beauty, views for miles, and a great natural appeal.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Are you planning on visiting Halong Bay?

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