My go-to everyday makeup look

Well hello to you my reader chums! It seems a while since I've sat down and written about my favourite go-to makeup products. I used to be someone who'd wear a lot of makeup every single day, however, nowadays, I take a bit more of a natural and simplistic approach that takes me under 10 minutes to do in the mornings.

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My go-to everyday makeup look

Here's a look at my everyday makeup routine and the products I'm currently loving.

Face products 

As it's still warm outside, I like to have a pretty light coverage on the skin and when it sets into colder months, I go more into winter territory (hello Revlon colour stay).

Primer - L'oreal's Infallible primer. I've been obsessed with this primer for years and years now and don't think I've ever found anything as good. It helps keep my makeup on all day long, keeps away the shine and my skin looking matte.

BB cream - I'm a sucker for a BB cream in the spring and summer months as it provides light coverage but not too much that I don't feel as if I'm caking my skin in lots of makeup. The one I've been obsessing over which is nearly running out (and I can't find in my local Superdrug anymore) is their own branded BB cream. It blends in super easily to the skin, matches my skin tone very well and is moisturising. I've recently bought Garnier's version and am yet to try it out but hope it lives up to this BB cream - I'll keep you posted.

Concealer - I like to use a mixture between two different concealers. I use Rimmel's Lasting radiance for under the eyes, on the forehead and chin to brighten things up and then Urban Decay's Naked concealer for blemishes. I find both of the concealers do their job really well with the Wake Me Up providing coverage and brightness and the Naked one being a lifesaver for blemishes.

Powder - To set my skin, I use the staple Rimmel's Stay Matte powder. It sets and keeps my makeup matte all day long that I don't think any powder for the same price could live up to the hype.

Bronzer and highlight - Bronzer is probably my favoruite part of my face makeup routine as I love to add a bit of colour back into my skin. Benefit's Hoola bronzer has been a staple for years and I like to dust it all over the skin and use it for contour. For highlight, I use one of Sleek's different palettes, depending on my mood and level of tan.

My go-to everyday makeup look

Eyes and brows 

Brows - Brows are an important part of my makeup routine as I feel like they really help shape my face. I use Sleeks' brow kit to fill them in and find they stay in place all day long. The kit makes my eyebrows look very natural.

Eye shadow - I don't wear eye shadow every day, only when I want to look extra nice, am going to a social event or doing something extra than a normal workday. However, when I do, I go for the Too Faced 'Sweet Peach' Eye Palette. To prep, I use a nude Maybeline's paint pot which helps neutralise the colour of my eyelid and keeps the shade on throughout the day. For eye shadow, I use the shade 'puree' in the crease to start, then place 'peaches n' cream' all over the lid and use 'summer yum' and 'charmed, I'm sure' for the outer third of the crease. I also like to run 'summer yum' under my eyes for an extra bit of burgundy intensity. Peaches 'n' cream is a creamy, champagne shade, summer yum is a burgundy colour and the other two are different shades of brown.

My go-to everyday makeup look

Mascara - I used to be such an eyeliner kind of gal, however, even though I do still wear it a lot, I don't stretch for it as much as I used to and go straight for mascara. My favourite mascara is Maybelline's Lash Sensational in waterproof. It makes my lashes long, curly and looking pretty ace throughout the day.


When it comes to lip products, things can vary quite a bit. On some days, I'll only put on a lip balm but on others, I could wear a nude lip and rock Mac's 'Faux' or go bold with a red lip. It all depends on my mood and outfit.

I hope you enjoyed this insight into my makeup routine. What are your go-to products?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. You look gorge! You've got so many great products. I love Hoola bronzer too, it comes out every summer haha!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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