Fifth Harmony's 7/27 tour London

Well hello to you my reader chums! October is swinging by fast and Fifth Harmony's London tour was over before I knew it. I bought the tickets a few months back and have been buzzing ever since, listening to their albums continuously on repeat. It's safe to say, they didn't disappoint and put on an incredible show! They bring sass, stunning vocals and girl power; I love them. If you haven't listened to their album, I'd 100% recommend it. It's full of feel-good tunes, edgy dance tracks and slow ballad numbers so a true mix for everyone.

London train journey

Dining before the concert

They only had one date in London and thanks to 02 priority, I was able to grab some fabulous seats, the front row of section B on the floor! I've never stood on the 02 floor for a concert before so was beyond excited for the experience. On Monday, my best friend Danielle and I headed up to London, stopping off for a bite to eat before the show.

Gourmet burger kitchen burger meal

We chose to dine in Gourmet Burger Kitchen, a winner for both of us. I opted for the delicious skinny fries, classic chicken burger and chocolate milkshake; delicious!

Fifth Harmony's 7/27 tour London

02 concert experience of Fifth Harmony's 7/27 tour London 

Fifth Harmony's 7/27 tour London tickets

The 02 London outside

Once the opening acts had performed, we eagerly awaited Fifth Harmony's arrival! They started the show with 'That's My Girl', one of my favourite songs from the album, completely lighting up the stage. The girls sang and danced their hearts out to all the famous songs, creating an electric atmosphere! Danielle and I were boogying and singing away, it was so much fun.

Fifth Harmony on stage at the 02

Not only did they have sensational voices, they truly know how to put on a show! The choreographed routines were incredible - the Fifth Harmony girls certainly know how to move.

Fifth Harmony on stage at the 02

I loved it all but my favourite performances were the number one hit 'Worth it', 'Work from Home', 'That's My Girl', 'Brave Honest & Beautiful', 'Boss', 'Sledgehammer' and 'Gonna get better'! It's hard to pick only one favourite song as I was blown away by the entire set.

Fifth Harmony on stage at the 02
Fifth Harmony on stage at the 02

If they toured in the UK again, I would definitely see them for the second time! Sassy, stunning and sexy, Fifth Harmony put on an unmissable performance.

Emily Middlemass 2016 x factor at Fifth Hamony

As I mentioned, we were very close to the front and I spotted this year X Factor girls walk to their seats right across from us so had to say hello to Emily Middlemass. She was a true gem and it was lovely to meet my favourite from this year's line up!

I hope you enjoyed an overlook at the Fifth Harmony concert! Do you have a favourite song of theirs?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. aw it looks like you had a brilliant time! xx

  2. I really like Fifth harmony - sounds like they were amazing. Must be awesome being in xfactor too: so many fun events to go to all the time.

    Sincerely, Sarah xx

    1. They're incredible! It is, Emily was so lovely xx


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