Harry Potter Studio Tour, London

Well hello to you my reader chums! October, the month autumn kicks in and the festivities begin, has been a busy one, to say the least. With a solo trip to Athens, Fifth Harmony concert, Harry Potter Studios, and all the small fun moments in between, it's swept by very quickly. 

I've been to Harry Potter world a couple of years back and was thrilled to be visiting again, especially with the launch of the Hogwarts Express, an exhibit I hadn't seen the last time.

I don't want to give away any hidden surprises when heading on the tour, however after a mini film you watch, sharing all the Harry Potter knowledge, the tour begins in the famous Great Hall. Even though I've seen it before, there's nothing more mesmerising than the doors opening and walking into Hogwarts!

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour London

I find the whole idea of discovering behind the scene secrets and how production commences completely fascinating so if you're like me, then you'll adore the London studios. Every turn revealed various surprising elements about the Harry Potter tales from the plot, makeup, special effects, film production, architecture, and design to secret tips they performed, bringing the magic to life on screen.

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour London Weasley House

After the Great Hall, you'll discover many of the scenery, props, and costumes used in film production. I loved walking around this area, getting an insight into every little detail that created the wonders of the Harry Potter film collection.

Harry Potter Studios Tour London

Harry Potter Studios Tour London 9 3/4

The most exciting area for me was seeing the Hogwarts Express, entering the famous platform 9 and 3 quarters. The striking train was brilliant, bringing all the features in the film to life. There's even a green screen exhibit to act out like you're on the train, a definite must-see when visiting!

Hogwarts express Harry Potter

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour London

I love how you can re-enact walking into the wall with your trolley and had to take the typical candid shot!

Hogwarts express Harry Potter tour

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour London

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour London
Harry Potter Studios Tour London Privet Drive

Another highlight was Privet Drive and entering the house, something new available to view since my last visit. The three of us, Chloe me and Danielle captured a photo in front of our new home! Even though it's surreal seeing the costumes and smaller props, there's nothing more amazing than viewing buildings or bigger areas of the set used in the making of the films.

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour London Privet Drive

Hogwarts bridge Harry Potter Studios

Harry Potter Studios Hogwarts bridge

Harry Potter Studios Tour London cable car

Harry Potter car

Harry Potter bus

Diagon Alley Harry Potter

Once seeing many of the sets and scenery, my favourite part was walking through Diagon Alley, witnessing even more of the streets brought to life. I love the attention to detail on every single building, it makes everything that extra more special.

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios Tour London Hogwarts

The most iconic and memorable part that will forever give me goosebumps is seeing the entire Hogwarts building in real life. The number of pictures you'll see is never as special as witnessing it with your own eyes. Surrounded by magical music, the details and lights shining through the architecture have left me in awe; I'm thrilled to have visited Hogwarts again.

'Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home'

I hope you enjoyed this insight into London's Harry Potter Studios Tour. What's your favourite part?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. ThebBogwarts building gave me goosebumps as well! I went before there was platform 9 3/4 so I would love to go again!


  2. Wow wow wow. This is simply a dream <3 I'm reading all the books and they make me so happy. This is one thing that I have to do in my life !!!



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