10 facts about me

Well hello to you my reader chums! Autumn has officially arrived and I'm very excited about the change in weather. My favourite fashion season has come into play with the run-up to Christmas just beginning! 

I wanted to share some facts about me to give old or new readers a little insight into who I am. Here are 10 facts about me:

10 facts about me

  1. My full name is Daniella but everyone calls me Della and my online presence is under that name too. When I was younger, my twin sister couldn't pronounce Daniella and began using the name Della. This caught on through primary school and its now how I introduce myself to new people. Many new acquaintances I make never really know it's a nickname until I get tell them later down the line!
  2. I'm a twin - probably one of the most surprising things people find out about me! My twin sister's name is Maria, we're non-identical and eight minutes apart, born on the 21st June ( the summer solstice and longest day of the year). I'm the oldest and like to take control of a lot of things. I guess you can call me the bossiest out the two but I always want to protect her as a big sister should.
  3. Ever since I could, I've always had my head in a book! My dad used to call me a bookworm and I've definitely kept to that title. Finding time to read is a lot harder than it use to be, however, there's nothing more mesmerising than immersing myself into a story and letting my imagination run wild. My love of words grew into the obsession for writing, hence creating this blog and my aspiration for being a writer began.
  4. Writing is something I loved for a long time and wanted to pursue since around my pre-teens. I started up this blog as a creative outlet, to get my words out, sharing my ideas and thoughts with the world. The ultimate dream is to be a published author, creating my own stories and turning them into a novel. 
  5. I watched YouTube a year or two before starting my beauty blog and that's where my love of makeup developed. I became fascinated in different brands, products, application and from there, slowly grew an obsession with it! My favourite products by far have to be lipstick ( I adore a burgundy lip in winter or bright orange in summer), bronzer ( nothing better than an on point contour) and eye shadows; I love experimenting with different looks on the eyes, my top being gold or copper tones.
  6. Travel is something I've grown an adoration for over the past year. I've visited Barcelona, Gran Canaria and Rome in 2016 so far plus two more trips planned in the upcoming months. I'm forever planning holidays or my next trip, searching flights and reading about new destinations to add to my list. By discovering new locations and opening my mind more, it has created this endless want to travel! Travelling fulfils you in a way possessions or things cannot. I love it and can't wait to see which future adventures lay ahead.
  7. Looking at my blog name, you can probably guess I have a major love for Nutella! The sugar cravings don't end there though. I've been obsessed with all things chocolate ever since I was small and have the sweetest tooth out of anyone I know, always wanting something sugary after a main course, to fulfil my cravings. Brownies, cake, milkshakes, ice cream, or Nutella French toast - anything that involves sugar or chocolate, I will eat.
  8. Like everyone else, I have a distinct style which is very me. I'm obsessed with anything stripy ( I practically have a never ending supply of stripy tops and dresses), playsuits and pinafores. When I have no idea what to wear, I'll go with my safe options, whether that's my stripy clothes collection, a playsuit as you only need to pair shoes and accessories or pinafores. Now autumn has hit, my love for pinafores is growing more because paired with Chelsea boots, jumpers and scarfs, they look super cute. Autumn is the time my top colours come into season including burgundy, khaki, mustard, black and navy; I love it. These tones are very me as I'm not one to branch out with bright fashion forward items.
  9. Even though I love the cosiness of autumn and it's my favourite season to experiment with clothes, summer is my one true love. I'm a complete summer baby who adores the sunshine on my face, the fresh sea air blowing through my hair and the whole summer vibe. Its the time where some of the best memories are created, summer playlists are in full swing and holidays galore.
  10. Living near the beach my entire life, its become one of my favourite places to be. It's a location to feel at ease, have fun with my friends or simply go for a walk. Nothing is more calming than hearing the waves slowly float by, hitting across the rocks and watching the sunset. I'm incredibly lucky to be in a 5 minute driving distance to a selection of beaches and it will forever remain my happy place.
10 facts about me

I hope you enjoyed my ten facts about me post! I'd love to know a bit about my readers, share your top few facts about you in the comments below.

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Ah, being a twin must be interesting. Also, I'm a total bookworm myself. I'm always reading!

    S .x http://ramblingsofayoungprgirl.blogspot.com

    1. Haha don't know life any other way really :) Ah it's great to meet a fellow bookworm!! xx

  2. It's lovely to get a little insight into the blogger behind the blog. I can definitely relate to always having your head in a book, I struggle to understand how anyone can not adore the wonderful world of literature. Chloe x


    1. Thank you Chloe! Yes, I 100% agree, the world of a novel is mesmerising xx


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