Brighton adventures and birthday celebrations!

Well hello to you my reader chums! The past few days have been a tad hectic but very exciting as my twin Maria and I celebrated our 20th birthday. It's crazy to think I'm now 20 years old and 'supposed' to be a full fledged adult, when in reality I still love a good old fashioned Disney filmed curled up on the sofa. To begin our celebrations as Maria was going to be away for our actual birthday, we headed to Brighton the Saturday before. Maria had never been to Brighton and since I fell in love with it the first time I visited, I couldn't wait to explore more!

Brighton Pier with Maria
Maria and I on the pier.

As soon as our train pulled up, we headed straight for the pier and had a good old browse around. The stalls, arcades and rides were all so exciting to take in. We wanted the day to be more of an exploration venture so only opted to go on the crazy mouse ride and couldn't stop laughing the entire time!

Brighton Pier with Maria

After taking a series of pictures and having a few games in the arcade, we headed down for a spot of shopping! We took a browse around the main shops and the Lanes. There was a wide selection of the cutest homeware boutiques offering an array of unique, quaint items; I wanted to buy everything!  

Brighton Pier with Maria

OOTD on Brighton Pier
OOTD on Brighton Pier:

Top - Primark
Jeans - Topshop black 'Joni' jeans
Jacket - Forever 21
Converse - Office

Gourmet Burger kitchen

Once we'd taken a tour around the main part of Brighton, it was time for lunch. We chose the ever so hyped Gourmet Burger Kitchen as both of us had never eaten in there before! I picked the classic chicken burger and sweet potato fries which I must admit was incredibly delicious, definitely worth the excitement.

Gelato Gusto ice cream Brighton

For a sweet treat afterwards, I took Maria into this scrumptious gelato place, 'Gelato Gusto' I'd tried out the last time I visited. We both adored the ice cream - I went for Belgian chocolate and salted caramel cheesecake; both mouth watering options. 

Brighton beach

We walked around Brighton a bit more then headed over to the beach to relax. Nothing makes me happier than sitting on the beach watching the waves go by, it's definitely my favourite place; I'm so lucky to live in a seaside location. To finish the day, we headed back to the pier, had even more fun in the arcades and grabbed some classic dinky doughnuts. The day was utterly brilliant, a lovely venture around an adoring city and quality time spent with Maria.

Brighton is becoming one of my favourite places to visit! To me, it's like a calmer version of London with the blend of a trendy city and the cool vibe of the seaside intertwined into one; I love it.

Birthday meal out
My best friends at the birthday meal (Danielle, Me, Chloe, Molly and Jesmine.)

As I mentioned previously, Maria went away for our birthday with her boyfriend. On the 21st June (the big day) therefore, I headed off to work and my marketing team completely spoilt me! They decorated my desk with princess accesories, banners and thousands of stars. Then bought a collection of different presents in a large box for me and Emma, made me a delicious cake - we even had Dominos for lunch! Once the working day was over, I went out to dinner with my best friends aka my favourite people in the world. I reserved an authentic Greek restaurant none of us tried before and we all absolutely adored it - the food was top notch and the service was truly friendly! The girls spoilt me rotten too - they prepared 20 presents, one for each year and wrote a quote on each one that links into the gift; a super sweet idea. I felt incredibly blessed and surrounded by so much love yesterday by everyone.

Three musketeers
Three musketeers ( Chloe, me and I) <3 

The past few days have been exceptional and I feel truly lucky to be blessed with the friends, family and work colleagues I do, as well as being able to experience such wonderful adventures. I saw my 20th year in on a high and I can't wait to see what more travels, experiences, funny moments and milestones it brings - here's to the next chapter.

I hope you enjoyed this birthday style post. Have you ever visited Brighton?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Aw looks like you had such a lovely day! I LOVE Brighton. I live about half an hour away so have been down quite a bit, such a nice place to be when it's sunny in England. Okay...granted that's like NEVER but still..

    Katie xx ¦ La Coco Noire

    1. Thank you so much! Ooh you're crazy close, I'm about 1 and a half our drive away; its is a stunning place. Fingers crossed for more sunshine ;) xx


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