Plane journey travel essentials

Well hello to you my reader chums! If you saw my previous post, then you'd know I went on an exciting girls holiday the other week to Gran Canaria. When it comes to holiday planning or packing something to think about is your hand luggage, the essentials to take on the plane journey. 

Whether it's a short or long haul flight can vary slightly in what you bring on the plane and here are the plane essentials I choose to take with me.  

Plane journey travel essentials
Plane journey travel essentials

Travel documentation

 Let's start with the most important things as you certainly won't be going anywhere without a passport, travel insurance, and all your booking information. I like to keep mine all together in a plastic folder to ensure they're secure and in one place - and easily accessible to pull out when required.


 I'm a complete bookworm and something I do before every holiday is to buy a new novel to read on the flight. I opted this time for 'Finding Audrey', a book based around 'Audrey' overcoming her mental health journey through the help of her new friend Linus. It was such a touching, uplifting and easy read, bringing awareness to the subject of mental health -  I'd definitely recommend it. As my flight there was in the early morning I slept and read the novel on the way back, nearly finishing the whole thing - an addictive read for sure.


Another activity item I'd suggest bringing is headphones. These can be used to block out any surrounding noise and you can either listen to music, podcast, watch a film, or whatnot on your phone/ tablet.

Hand sanitizer

Being the clean freak I am, hand sanitizer is a product I always have with me. It's perfect for plane journeys as not only are you surrounded by many people but if you'd like to eat something, touch anything sticky accidentally, or would like to freshen up, you can quickly clean your hands.

Hand cream

Like sanitizer, I love to carry around hand cream with me because there's nothing worse than dry hands. I find especially on a longer flight, it gets a bit stuffy so a little freshen up with a moisturise is the best remedy.


Again, I feel like these are essential for journeys. Whether you have a runny nose, spill something, or whatever the scenario, tissues always come in handy.

Lip balm

Similar to dry hands, dry lips are another annoyance I like to keep at bay especially on a plane ride. I therefore always bring a lip balm along, this time I chose a Nivea one as I find them to be incredibly moisturising and soft on the lips.

Makeup bag

When flying, I always like to keep the bare essential make-up products with me, in case I either want to apply them on the plane or whilst waiting at the airport. My flight was really early in the morning and as I don't like travelling with makeup, I applied it on the flight. Inside the bag, I brought Rimmel's BB cream, wake me up concealer, stay matte powder, Benefit's Hoola bronzer, an eyebrow kit, and  Maybelline's Lash Sensational mascara; to achieve a natural, quick look.

Chewing gum

Last but not least, chewing gum or mints are a necessity. Due to the pressure change in your ears when lifting off or landing, I find chewing a piece of gum can help pop them, easing the pain slightly. Also, it's good to have a mint/gum with you to freshen your breath during the flight.

Other essentials would be water to keep yourself hydrated, food to ensure your sugar/energy levels are kept high and a hoodie/cardigan, to wrap up.

I hope you enjoyed this plane essentials post. What do you bring on your flight?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. A good book when you are on holiday is an essential! Finding Audrey sounds like a good read!

    Parie x

    1. Definitely! Give it a read, you'll love it xx

  2. I'm going on holiday next week and this has helped me think ooh that's a good idea because now I think I'm gonna need some hand sanitizer

    Leanne |

    1. Fab, glad it helped - hope you have a lovely time! X

  3. These are great essentials! A books is definitely something I'd hate to be without :)

    Lotte |

  4. Reading is such a good thing to do when you're stuck on a plane as well as taking headphones with you!
    Charlotte //


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