Gran Canaria 2016 ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums and long time no see!

If you've been following me on Twitter or read my previous blog post, you'd know over the past week I jetted off to the sunny Gran Canaria for a girls holiday. I went with my crazy group of best friends Danielle, Chloe and Molly; we had the most incredible time. Through the course of that week, we packed in many exciting activities, unforgettable hilarious moments, took loads of cherishable photos and truly had the best time together. From visiting the water park Aqualand, parasailing ( an amazing achievement), going on a jeep safari, camel ride, watching the dolphin show, heading to the zoo, beach days, paddle boating, swimming in the sea, market shopping and consuming enough ice cream to sink a ship, we certainly packed a lot in.

We took an array of pictures, many of which I adore! I've picked my absolute top favourites for this post as I love documenting exciting trips I've done throughout the year. Here's a look at the images:

Gran Canaria safari

For one of the days, we went on a camel ride which followed on to a jeep safari up the mountains. We went very high up and the road became rocky, however the views were astounding and the overall experience was a one off. Nature is such a beautiful thing a lot of us take for granted so it was lovely in that moment to take in the earth's calming atmosphere. In the image, we're surrounded by caves, which contain a pool filled with edible water. It's one of my favourite photos from the entire trip of us!

Palmitos Park Maspalomas
In Palmitos Park, a zoo we visited that featured the dolphin show, the surroundings were sheltered with exotic trees, shrubbery and rocks, giving the perfect background for images as well as providing much needed shade in the heat! The day was wonderful, we were able to see various different species, the exotic bird show and met a dolphin.

Chummy and I

Danielle and I on the first evening when we headed out for a little exploration of the town.

Gran Canaria beach

This photo makes me smile! On this beach day, we hired a paddle boat in the sea ( you can see behind us) and spent an hour of so paddling around, swimming; admiring the clear waters below. After that we hired a UFO float - basically this is a large circular seat which is attached to a jet ski and pulls you along the sea. It was a crazy amount of fun and we were laughing a hell of a lot! Despite Molly falling off, we still absolutely loved it and it's up there with one of our favourite moments of the trip.
The squad in matcing pjs
Before the holiday, we all got matching PJ's to wear!

Life is meant for good friends and great adventures

Adventures and best friends are the perfect mix. I love this photo of us three on the jeep, overlooking the mountainous views.

Gran Canaria jeep safari
Safari adventures.
Palmitos Park Maspalomas with chummy

Danielle and I in Palmitos Park under the trees.

Boat trip

I'm not the biggest fan of boats, water or even heights so it was a big thing for me getting on one and going parasailing! My favourite part of this day was getting off the main boat ( I got a bit of sea sickness) and heading out on a speed boat to the parasailing. The speed boat was so much fun and put the refreshing sea air back on your skin! When it was time for parasailing, I was really worried but once Danielle calmed me after the initial shock ( we went up as a pair), it was relaxing, watching the soothing waters and stunning views below - a one off experience I'm truly glad I did!

It's the crazy moments we live for

I have the craziest pals!

Village strolls in Gran Canaria

On safari day, we stopped off at a little village and had a lovely browse around. I love quaint, tucked away areas as they truly capture the heart of a community.

Three muskateers

Three musketeers <3

On the last night, we took a beach walk, saying goodbye to the area and taking some cute pictures. The beach will forever be my happy place and I love evening strolls.

Evening beach walks
Mountainous views

Lake views from the jeep safari.

Playas del Ingles beach

Playas del Ingles beach.

Boat trip views

Our view from the boat trip.

Palmitos Park dolphin show

I was completely blown away by the dolphin show in Palmitos Park! They were all amazingly talented and put on such a performance - we even had the chance of meeting a dolphin and had our picture taken with her. Dolphins are one of my favourite animals so it was fantastic being so close to them

Best friends

Chloe and I at the beach.

Bikini ootd

Bikini OOTDs with Molly!

The squad

The crazy crew enjoying our last day at the beach!

I hope you enjoyed a look at my most cherished holiday photos. I'm truly grateful to have such beautiful, heart warming best friends in my life and am able to head out on these fun filled trips together. I can't believe the holiday is now over and I did many things I never thought I would. I overcame a handful of fears, laughed till my stomach hurt and created lifelong memories with my favourite people.

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Looks so pretty and like so much fun! Kinda jealous x

  2. Look like you've had so much fun!!

    Parie x

  3. Loved looking at all of the photos! The walk on the beach is such a lovely thing to do together on your last day!
    Charlotte //

    1. Thank you so much Char! Yes it was, nothing can beat it :) xx

  4. Graig Crawford
    You guys are so amazing! I have checked all of your photos and reading. It just look like you've had so much fun in there. Personally, I like this types of traveling. I love paddling too. It is so much fun things. By the way, I appreciate you guys. I am going to make a to go there with my friends. It would be an amazing thing for all of us. Thank you so much and keep posting things like this.


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