Lush bath bomb haul ❤️

Well hello to you my reader chums! With Autumn now upon us, there was no time like the present to head out to Lush and stock up on bath bombs. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, I find the colder months are the perfect time to arrive home from work and enjoy a well deserved bath. The image of pouring rain outside the window whilst a running bath is filling up with Lush scented goodness is just a heavenly image. I picked up five bath bombs in total, some I've tried and others I haven't.

Here's a an overview of all the purchases:
You can probably tell I got a range of different scented ones to mix up my baths:
The first bath ballistic I picked up was 'Twilight.' I've used this one before and adored it. The description reads 'Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in and take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom before launching your ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away'
When placed into the water, the bomb bursts and initially creates a a layer of a lavender coloured water. Then the inside blue centre oozes out and it leaves the most gorgeous intertwined lavender and blue mix. I love the finishing effect and think as it's named 'Twilight', it's perfect for those cosier evenings among us, when the day turns dark quicker.
The scent I'd say is a blend between sweet and dusky where it contains a combination of essential oils and lavender, idyllic for a calming bath experience. Using these ingredients gives an overall fresh, floral type smell which is certainly addictive; I love it!
The next bath ballistic is my absolute favourite Lush product and it's 'Dragon's Egg'. The description says ''Run yourself the perfect temperature bath, get in and take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom before launching your ballistic into the water and watch it fizz away' (same as Twilight'. This one is my best friend's top bath bomb also because it just possess the most addictive scent! I cannot even express to you how good it smells, basically heaven wrapped into one. The overwhelming citrus scent is one that lingers throughout the room and in the water. I love to get one of these to simply store in my room as it leaves my bedroom smelling incredible. Once popped into the water, the ballistic bursts and gushes out a gorgeous orange colour, embracing that citrus theme. Combined with that is a layer of glowing glitter so after your bath not only do you smell great, you're like a sparkling star (okay maybe not literally but you get my gist). 
The exterior is a simple cream, yet you're able to tell many surprises are in store when placed in the water due to the fantastic smell and subtle dots of shades on the outer layer. This is a bath bomb I'd definitely recommend to all, next time you're in lush grab one and enjoy the citrus, sweet goodness.
Another bath bomb is a new addition I haven't tried before, called the 'Yoga bomb'. The name suggests its designed for a completely calming bath experience where the description adds 'If you long for calm and contemplation, drop this layered bomb into the bath. As the mesmerising colours unfurl, olibanum and ho wood create an atmosphere of deep relaxation.' I think this bath bomb is an ideal option after a long stressful day where my anxiety is high because the elements within will help make a relaxing atmosphere to let my worries float away.
The scent of this bath bomb is quite a floral and dusky, not like a sweet smell of the two shown above. I like this because of it's different smell, where I'm able to use it on an evening to unwind given the elements it contains. Made up of oranges, purples and turquoise shades, once placed in the water it's known to gradually dissolve, releasing these stunning colours.
Moving onto bubble bars, the first one I chose was 'Sunnyside.' I've used this before and absolutely fell in love with the overall look it gave your bath as well as the lingering scent. The description says 'Crumble the bar under running water to bathe in wondrous liquid gold, scented with sweet wild orange and lemon oils to brighten the spirits.' As you can tell by the label, it's definitely a choice for a more luxurious bath. When crumbled under water the colour left is genuine gold where the water contains layers of glitter, leaving the appearance of your bath to be unclear. I love how the consistency is that glittery and creamy because it adds mystery, making the lasting effect as exciting as the sparkly design!
I'd say the scent is like a toned down version of 'Dragon's egg' because the citrus smell is still quite overwhelming and sweet just not as powerful, slightly subtler. For me this is perfect as I have the choice between using either or since they have similar scents.
The last product was the 'Creamy candy bath', bubble bar, one which I also haven't used before. The description reads 'Crumble the bar under the hot running tap, to allow the water to agitate mounds of bubbles for you with no effort on your part.' Compared to all the other bath items I purchased, this one is certainly the sweetest in scent. It smells similar to a candy shop or bubble gum, hence the name given.
As it's bright pink in colour, when crumbled under the water it's made to give a pretty pink colour filled with lots of bubbles for an ultra girly bath! This one is great for those who prefer sugary scents like the limited 'Snow fairy' shower gel at Christmas as the smell resembles that. I love the little detailing of the yellow flower on top because it adds a a cute touch to the overall look.

I hope you enjoyed this Lush haul! What's your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I need to get back into lush and stock up!! Great post :) xx

  2. One of my favourite lush bath bombs is the Space Girl! I also really like their Tea Tree Water!

    Emily x

    1. I've never tried those ones!! May have to look at those products next time I'm in lush, thank you for thr recommendation :) xx

  3. They all sound lovely!
    Charlotte //

  4. Ahh this just makes me want to go to lush and buy everything hahah! I've used the creamy candy one before and loved it. I recently bought 'the comforter' and it's probably my favourite one yet :) But I also love the butter ball, I pick one up every time I go because it's such a nice smell and leaves your skin feel super soft. xx

    1. Haha sorry about that! Ooh I've never tried the comforter but have heard so many great things xx

  5. These bath bombs look amazing. I love Lush but I never bought any of their bath bombs. I think it's high time I do it. Great post.



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