Book review: Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

Well hello to you my reader chums! Today I have another book to share with you. Lately, I've gotten back into reading which is one of my favourite things to do. Instead of going on my iPhone hours before bed, I'll put it down and spend a good 30 minutes to an hour reading. Doing this has benefited my sleep pattern and got me back into the knack of my old hobby.

The book I've finished recently was Sisterland. I bought this initially because it was about twins, a factor I can relate to and love reading about as it's fascinating finding out other people's perspectives. I read the blurb and was interested to see how the whole psychic/medium idea was intertwined into the story.

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld
Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

Characters and relationships

As soon as I began reading this, I was hooked instantly, into the characters and the story told. The writing style is so intimate and in-depth with every detail said. I love this aspect because it gives you an insight into the characters' lives, helping you escape inside the story even more. Things such as how the protagonist was feeling were explained or vivid flashbacks from the past, giving you as the reader a clearer view of characters' relationships and their actions throughout the novel. Since the book is very much focused on the twins, it's interesting to read how the bond of them unfolds, through all the areas of their lives told. There's love, loss, humour, relationships, and more in this novel, all of which are explored in such a detailed manner.

Plotline and structure

The plot itself thickens as the book goes on. It's one of those novels that entice you to carry on reading to discover what mysteries will be uncovered next. The whole idea behind the novel is this huge prediction Violet makes, which consists of a good chunk of the book. This links into the main psychic/medium theme spoke about throughout the book with both twins having these experiences, and as this is something particularly interesting to me, it was a great thing to learn more about. 

The build-up of Violet's announcement and waiting for the event to occur is a part of the novel that delves into the good/bad experiences of the twins' upbringing, what goes on in their present context, and describes the many different relationships in the story. The aftermath then focuses more on the present day and describes what happens afterward with flashbacks or old memories being less common. This structure, therefore, is something I feel was thought out very well with all the ideas fitting together nicely and easy to understand. Even though it's quite a deep read, I think it's very easy to get into the story and quite simple to follow what is going on. 

Overall thoughts

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. I love the journey it takes you on, how the author explains the ups and downs of the twins' lives, the loves and losses they had, and how their relationship develops. For me, it was such a relatable novel and it's refreshing reading about a bond of twins as I can kind of link it back to my life and go 'hey we do things like that'. Being a twin is an amazing thing and I loved how this book describes the relationship rather well. 

Sisterland is an absolute definite recommendation, leaving you wanting more and feeling part of the tale.

I hope you enjoyed this book review. Have any of you read this novel?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I really want to read more and this sounds so good! thanks for the recommendation :) x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again

  2. it sounds like a good book :)

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