Review: BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range

Well hello to you my reader chums! Recently in my April favourites post, I mentioned one of BarryM's 'Speedy Quick Dry' nail polishes and how I wanted to get my hands on some more of the range, which I did as you can see below. I haven't written a beauty review in a while so today I wanted to share my thoughts on this selection.

If you're a big fan of pastels and fast-drying nail polish, here is my full review of BarryM'd Speedy Quick Dry range.

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range

Colour range 

The three colours I've got are all very Spring and Summer pastel shades, perfect for the season right now. I love all these colours as they're very girly and the sort of colours I like to wear on my nails at this time of the year.

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range shades

Nail polish packaging

The packaging is an aspect I adore because it's very vintage with chequered lids. I'm pretty sure it's really meant to represent race car finishing line flags but either way its super cute! 

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry range

'Lap of Honor' BarryM nail polish

Purple is my all-time favourite colour and one I always reach to when painting my nails so it was really no surprise when I chose this shade. It's quite a mid-toned lilac shade, that's not too dark or too light and therefore perfect for the transition into lighter shades for the Spring/Summer time. I think the name is really sweet, something fitting in with the speedy 'theme'.

BarryM's Speedy Quick Dry lap of honour shade

'In a Heartbeat' BarryM nail polish

The second colour is much more of a brighter option, this bold coral/peachy shade. I think the coral colour is perfect for the summer season with that sun-kissed glow because a tan really compliments bold colours and for me coral/peach shades really give off that summer vibe. I love the name of this, 'In a heart beat' because it's like when your heart skips a beat for someone, just too adorable really!

In a heartbeat barrym nail polish

'Eat my Dust' BarryM nail polish

I'm obsessed with this colour because it's the nicest pastel blue shade, great for any addition to a Spring time look. The name to this one isn't as sweet, however, the polish itself makes up for it.

eat my dust nail polish BarryM

Overall thoughts

The colours of the range I've got I love and what I've seen of the other shades, they are just fab, I'd happily purchase them all! The consistency of the polishes are quite thin initially and take a few layers to build up to achieve that lovely glossy finish when dry. I would say the 'super quick dry' idea is amazing as compared to usual BarryM polishes they do dry pretty fast, not as quick as I'd like to (imagine a 5 second drying polish, that'll be great), but quick enough that you could paint them, leave them for a bit and you're done. The lasting power is about the same as BarryM's usual range, so I'd say up to 5-6 days depending on the preparation of application.

Overall, I'd give these a definite recommend because the colour spectrum is lovely, the packaging is oh so charming as are the names and it sticks to the 'speedy quick dry' label. All I can say is love love love! 

I hope you enjoyed this review. Have any of you tried these?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Gorgeous colours! I love Eat My Dust!

    Natalie Ann xo // Petal Poppet Blogs ♥

  2. 5 second drying polish would be a dream come true! haha lap of honour is beautiful. I bought one for my friend and she loves it so I may have to get one for myself too ;) xx

    1. It would right?! Aww yeah you should treat youself! :) xx

  3. I'm always so impatient and busy so as soon as I'm doing my nails so they nail varnish never lasts and never stays on long enough to dry!! So thank you Barry M for making my life a little easier :))

    - Emmy Lu

  4. I love the colours BarryM offers, i always find myself buying them as the quality is too good to pass up, for such a small price!
    Lovely post as always Della!
    Soph xo


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