Planning a holiday with ease: my best tips

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Planning trips and thinking about where I'm going next on my travels is my favourite thing in the world. I love the process of planning where I'd like to go, researching about it, discovering the best sights, hidden gems, independent restaurants and reading about people's experiences. 

If you find booking holidays stressful or need help determining where to begin when planning the trip, here are my best tips to make the process a little easier.

Planning a holiday with ease: my best tips

Decide on your destination

We all have an idea of the places we'd like to visit, whether it's eating fresh pasta in Italy, roaming around the Big Apple or island hopping in Thailand. Whatever the destination, deciding where you want to go is the first step. Planning a city break is completely different to a week away relaxing in the sunshine. Planning involves booking excursions, variations in budget, the type of activities and which transport you're using to travel around.

Pick a timeframe and budget

With the destination ticked off the list, you'll need to decide how long you're planning to jet off for and the budget. From a long weekend to slow travelling around for a month, shorter trips are easier to map out and cheaper to afford. Picking a timeframe can help you choose a daily budget, and factor in flight costs, accommodation costs and any activities you'd like to do. Set a rough budget and then had a buffer onto it for any emergencies when away.

Read all the blogs about the destination

As a travel blogger and someone who adores to travel all the time, research is key to making your holiday everything you dream of. Read all the blogs on what you need to know before visiting that destination, the best sights and activities to see and do, where to eat and drink and how to get around a destination. The more research you do, the more prepared you can feel for the holiday. But, make sure you leave room for spontaneity. 

Decide how you're looking to get around the destination - this helps with finding suitable accommodation

Every destination is different and when you're travelling, you need to decide you're planning to get around the destination. If you're happy to walk around and want to be near the main sights and the city centre, booking accommodation central is key. But, if you're happy with getting public transport or taxis to see the sights and activities, booking accommodation further out can be suitable and save you some money. Knowing how close you want to stay to the centre or near other sights can minimise the radius of where you look for accommodation and hopefully help you make a decision easier.

Plan a rough agenda based on blogs and recommendations including timings

With all the main points of the holiday tick, it's time to use your research skills and put it to use. For all the blogs you've read, pick out the activities and sights which are a must and add them to an agenda throughout the time you're on holiday. This can help you plan out what you'd like to do on which days and roughly how long each activity will take. It can also help you coordinate your agenda, ensuring it all makes logical sense.

Leave from spontaneous ideas, roaming and relaxing

Spontaneous plans are the heart of all holidays and making memories. Even though an agenda helps you prepare, you don't want every minute of the trip to be organised. Leave room to roam around, try new places, meet people, go off the beaten path and enjoy the joys of a holiday.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Where are you planning on going next?

Thank you for reading <3

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