My favourite books of the year so far

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Being a bookworm is a part of my personality. My love for books has never changed, it's simply evolved and over the past year, I've been trying to focus on reading as much as possible. There's always something new I want to read with so many books in the world!

I'm always up for reading new genres, however, my favourite genres include crime fiction, detective novels, murder mysteries, historical fiction and women's fiction. Recently, I've read some incredible books and wanted to share the books I'm loving at the minute.

My favourite books of the year so far

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

I haven't read a Gillian Flynn book since Gone Girl a while back and when I started reading this, I remembered why I loved this author so much and her talent for crafting thriller novels. This novel follows reporter Camille Preaker after she's released from a psych hospital and given a troubling assignment, returning to her small hometown to cover the unsolved murder of a preteen girl and the disappearance of another.

Camille hasn't visited her hometown in a long time and hardly spoke to her neurotic mother and half-sister she barely knows. Visiting her hometown again, she finds herself unravelling a psychological puzzle of her own past and looking further into the people around her. This novel gripped me from the beginning and I couldn't put it down at times, with twists of new characters and various narratives happening all the time. I got an incline of what I thought would happen towards the end and to my surprise, I was correct. This novel was strange and thought-provoking and highlighted many scary issues happening in everyday life to young people.

True Crime Story by Joseph Knox

I was recommended this book when I visited Bath in Mrs B's Emporium as I love crime stories, including true crime and this book was just that. This novel follows the disappearance of Zoe Nolan, a nineteen-year-old Manchester University student who went to a party one night in her shared accommodation and was never seen again. Seven years after the disappearance, a writer called Evelyn Mitchell is intrigued by the mystery and begins to investigate.

This book features plenty of interviews with Zoe's friends and family and Mitchell begins piecing together what happens to Zoe. Through investigation, many secrets are revealed of Zoe's life and Evelyn turns to crime writer Joesph Knox to make sense of the case. I loved this book as I could really feel the tragedy on every page and how heart-wrenching the narrative was. The interview style made the book fast-paced and intriguing with every page. I began reading thinking the book would end one way and then it flips with more leads and revealed secrets.

The Last Thing to Burn by Will Dean

My heart broke the entire time I read this book and I read it in two sittings. This novel is set on an isolated farm in the UK where a woman is trapped by her abuser for seven years. It is a very exact novel, following the everyday motions of 'Jane' and the ordeal she goes through with this man and what happens if she doesn't obey him. He films her every move and when she discovers she's pregnant, she begins planning her escape, protecting her and her baby.

It's hard to put into words this book's tragedy as it's based on the facts of trafficking victims and the ordeal they experience every single day. I vouched for her safety and escape through the book, pushing me to read on with hope. It's realistic, heart-breaking and honest, an account I can imagine of someone dealing with the abuse of a kidnapper.

The Night She Disappeared by Lisa Jewell

I love a thriller, especially a missing person's case. This book follows a young mum, Tallulah in 2017 where she heads on a date, leaving her baby with her mother, Kim. When the early hours come around, Kim awaits her return but she never comes home. Kim phones Tallulahs's friends who say the last place she was seen was a party in the Dark Place. Two years later, Sophie moved into the boarding school her boyfriend has a new job and sees a note fixed to a tree, so she begins to investigate.

This book was one of the first I read this year and I loved every minute. With every missing person's novel, I wondered about the direction it would go. This included all themes of wealthy people, dysfunctional relationships and how being a teenager is one of the biggest struggles of them all. I liked the perspective change in this book and how I could understand many people's views of the story. It had one of those endings that got even more shocking as I kept reading.

The Maid by Nita Prose

Not all murder mystery books are heavy and dark, some have a lighter tone and The Maid is just that. Following Molly The Maid who works for the Regency Grand Hotel, sees everything as she cleans rooms every day. Her honest and diligent approach to life makes her a brilliant maid, but she isn't so great at understanding social cues. When a famous guest dies and she finds his body, a police investigation is called and she's stuck in the middle.

I adored this book in many ways because it's incredibly honest, to the point and somewhat like a diary entry as she recalls every day as a maid. The book has a comedic aspect to it at times and features many characters who aren't nice to Molly at all but through her experience and understanding more of what it's like to be an adult, she realises who has her back all along.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Which books have you been reading at the minute?

Thank you for reading <3

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