How to look after your mental health as a business owner

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Running a business is hard work and can be constant so it's a challenging thing to switch off. Whether thinking about your workload, money, networking or how to grow, being a business owner is constantly on my mind. Mental health is a priority to me as taking care of my mind, helps me feel more fulfilled, work productively and appreciate the business growth. 

If you're a business owner and need advice about your mental health, here are my tips on caring for your mental health as a business owner.

How to look after you mental health as a business owner

Set a schedule

I love organisation as it keeps my anxiety at bay and helps me understand my expectations for the day and week. Setting a schedule is vital in planning out your workload, whether you're a freelance marketing specialist like me or a photographer. I find it helps to book slots across the week and month for my retainers and block out time for projects, networking, admin and my own marketing. Then, I know what free time I have to take breaks, run errands and book in social plans. 

Book in regular breaks 

If you work all the time, you'll be burnt out and you won't work as productively. Booking in breaks allows your mind and body to rest, refresh and take care of you. When you've taken a break, you can start the day with fresh eyes, with a new perspective and motivation to work. Breaks can mean an hour in your day, an afternoon off every week, a week off here and there or even a sabbatical. Whatever break you need, make sure it's regular enough to help your mind.

Keep social personally and professionally 

Socialising can really help your mental health, especially when you're feeling low. Whether it's a friend, family or your partner, booking time with those who love you can boost you up, help you relax and enjoy your favourite things about life. It's also important to stay social professionally because it helps you connect with people on the same path as you and can also help build more opportunities.

Get out and about every day

You've probably heard it a million times but fresh air and exercise really are the key to a boost in your day. Whether it's only for ten minutes or for an hour, getting out and about will help you step away from the screen or focus on work. I love to take a stroll along the beach, through the town or any open spaces.

Create a nurturing lifestyle

Health is the most important thing to care for your mind and a nurturing life will help with that. Choosing the food and exercise which makes you feel good can shape a fulfilling and content every day. I love to start the day with pilates and a breakfast of delicious and filling foods that my body feels good after eating.

Don't overfill your workload

It's easy as a business owner to be constantly working or thinking about work and it makes it tempting to overfill your schedule. However, I'd always recommend not completely booking your schedule, leaving gaps for breaks and socialising. If you fill up your schedule too much, you'll likely burn out or resent your work.

Focus on the positives

I don't know about you but I struggle with the highs and lows as a freelancer because if it's a low period of work, the self-doubt comes in. I think about all the things I haven't done or achieved, rather than focus on everything I've achieved and my journey as a business owner. 

I hope you enjoyed this post. What else would you add?

Thank you for reading <3

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