Book review: Magpie by Elizabeth Day

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I love a thriller as there's something about a quick-paced plot with suspense that I adore. I heard many people rave about the book Magpie and honestly, I didn't actually realise what it was about until I bought it - and I'm glad I did.

If you love psychological thrillers or a book which will constantly surprise you, here's my book review of Magpie by Elizabeth Day.

Book review: Magpie by Elizabeth Day


Magpie follows the life of Marissa when she meets Jake and everything falls into place. However, when their new lodger Kae arrives, everything changes. Marissa thinks something isn't right about her because of the way she acts, what she says or that she's constantly asking questions about the baby they're trying for. But maybe it's all in Marissa's head? That's what Jake thinks and she thinks she trusts him. Marissa is determined to discover what is wrong even if it costs her everything.

Characters and relationships

Marissa is the protagonist and the book starts out with her, honestly, I love her as a character at the start as she's painted like a regular woman with insecurities and problems. She talks about her traumatic experiences and past relationships, friends and how she meets Jake. Their relationship in my opinion seems rushed from the beginning and a bit suspicious as if they fell into it all a little quickly and she doesn't really know him or trust him in fact.

Jake seems like a nice and caring guy but as it's told from Marissa's perspective I can't really get a full grasp of him as a character. With Kate, Marissa doesn't seem to like her but in all honesty, it sounds like she's jealous of her and everything she stands for.

It's hard to talk about Jake and Kate in more detail as characters without giving away the plot, however, the more I learnt about the characters, the more who they are shaped up and I started to really dive into the plot.

Overall thoughts

Overall, despite being a little uncertain when the book began, once I got a grasp of what the plot was about, I gained a full perspective of the characters' personalities and how they played a role in the story. I would describe this plot as a psychological thriller, even though at first it sounded more like a dramatic story where Marissa is making out Jake is cheating on her with Kate.

The book covers many themes, such as infertility, pregnancy, mental illness, troubling family dynamics and traumatic experiences. With plenty of problematic issues woven throughout the plot, it adds plenty of depth and suspense - and made me gain another level of appreciation. 

The book overall was certainly a page-turner as I was keen to see which way the story turns and the next layer is uncovered. I'd highly recommend it if psychological plots intrigue you. 


I can't give away the ending, however, despite the tragic element of the plot, this book has a content and happy ending, leaving my mind at bay and wrapping everything up in a beautiful way. It also shares how the power of caring for people is the most amazing thing.

I hope you enjoyed this review. Which book is on your TBR pile?

Thank you for reading <3

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