3-day guide to Singapore: what to see and do on a budget

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Singapore is a unique destination with incredible experiences, skyscrapers, a diverse range of food and a completely clean look. I loved my time in Singapore; it's one of those luxurious destinations where I felt completely safe and secure.

If you're new to Singapore or heading there on holiday, here is my 3-day guide to Singapore and what to see and do on a budget.

3 day guide to Singapore: what to see and do on a budget

Day one - Get a taste of the city 

Walk around the Arab Quarter and Haji Lane

The Arab Quarter is a beautiful area in Singapore, packed with colourful shops, buildings, cute coffee shops, restaurants and more to browse around. It was probably my favourite area to mooch as I loved the bright colours and the stunning Sultan Mosque was a dream to look at. Haji Lane is nearby and probably my favourite street, covered in colourful street art, with charming shops and cafes to spend hours roaming around and pondering.

Visit the Hawker markets 

Singapore is expensive to eat, similar to London and Dubai, which is why if you're on a budget, stick to Hawker markets. I loved to find various types of traditional Singaporean foods and other cuisines - and the best part, it's affordable. There are plenty of markets dotted around Singapore such as Maxwell Food Centre and Makansutra Gluttons Bay. Whether you want to try the classic fried carrot cake or enjoy some Thai food, there is a great food market to get your foodie hit.

Visit the Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest is probably one of the most popular things to do in Singapore and a must-visit when you're visiting. I loved my time exploring Cloud Forest because it's a combination of a garden and an art exhibition all in one. I especially liked how during my visit, it was Chinese New Year and the year of the rabbit, meaning everything was decorated with rabbits. It's a fun attraction to see bright lights, waterfalls, gorgeous decor, plants and more.

See the Merlion statue

Along the Marina Bay, it's a gorgeous sight with stunning skyscrapers, the marina itself and plenty of shops and restaurants to see - there's never not anything to do. The Merlion statue is one of the most popular sights along the bay and a landmark you should tick off your list and get a snap,

Watch the light show at the Marina

As I said, the marina is a gorgeous destination to spend during the day and night. At night the whole area lights up with a light show which is free to everyone. It's a gorgeous spectacle and a lovely way to end the night with a drink or ice cream. The marina also has an amazing shopping meal next to it, which is lovely for an evening browse after the show.

Day two - See the top sights 

Visit China Town 

Singapore is a hub for all different types of cultures and that's why China Town is worth a visit. There's lots of colour, shops, restaurants and the beautiful Buddha Tooth Relic Temple to take a look at. You can spend as long as you want roaming around here, grabbing a bite to eat and seeing the sights.

Roam around Little India

Little India is the same boasting a gorgeous sea of colourful buildings and ambiance. I wish I got to spend more time admiring this area but the rain washed part of the day out. There are plenty of restaurants, temples and markets to have a look at as you mooch around.

Go to Singapore Botanical Gardens

I adore a botanical garden as it always adds a bit of peace in a bustling city. These gardens are pristine with plenty of flower variations, floral decoration and waterfalls. It's lovely to have a mooch around and spend time with a picnic.

Visit the Gardens of the Bay light show

One of the other iconic sights in Singapore is the Gardens of the Bay. You can visit this in the daytime but it really comes alive at night with the light show and lighting up across the city. The best thing is the light show is free and a spectacle to witness. 

3 day guide to Singapore: what to see and do on a budget

Day 3 - Venture further out from the tourist path

Enjoy the coffee shop scene 

After all the main sights in central Singapore have been seen, it's time to slow down and enjoy the residential vibe of the city, including its coffee shops. As it's got the busy vibe of London, coffee shops are in the bucket loads and you can easily find one to suit your taste and aesthetic. It's great for a moment to pause, journal and reflect on your travel time.

Spot the street art in Tiong Bahru

One of the things I loved in Singapore was the street art scene as it was everywhere, including one of the areas, Tiong Bahru. This area was out of the central part of Singapore and renowned for random pieces of street art around the residential homes. It's a quiet area with a few shops and the art is gorgeous to see.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What is your favourite thing to do in Singapore?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing, this is a good itinerary of what to see in 3 days, when I went I had only 24hrs so I had to fit a lot in so missed out of some of these, hopefully if I return I will visit some of these :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures


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