Everything to know before visiting Stockholm

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Stockholm is a beautiful city with its renowned blue skies, colourful buildings, natural appeal and endless things to see and do. I fell in love with roaming about the place and could happily spend hours sitting on one of the many canals with a bun and book in my hand.

Everything to know before visiting Stockholm

Whether you're new to Stockholm or thinking about planning a trip, here is everything to know before visiting Stockholm.

It's pretty much a cashless city

When heading to Stockholm, there's no point in bringing cash with you as a lot of places will only accept cards. To save yourself the transaction fee, order a Travel Money Card from the Post Office as it allows you to upload a range of different currencies without paying a fee every time you use it.

They used Swedish Krona

In terms of currency, their main one is Swedish Krona. This means I would advise getting to grips with the exchange rate so you know how much you're actually paying for things.

Stockholm is very expensive

This leads me to this point, Stockholm is on the expensive side and prices are very similar to London. I was quite taken aback by how much things cost, and even though, you can budget travel around, be prepared to spend a lot more than in other European cities. 

Coffee shops for the win

This has to be the city renowned for its cute and quirky coffee shops and you'll never be short of one to have your morning coffee in. If you think about Instagram worthy places for a coffee, the city is filled with them across the many different islands.

English is widely spoken

Although you can learn a few phrases in Swedish, English, in general, is spoken widely among the inhabitants of Stockholm which can make it a lot easier when asking questions to get around the city.

It's a vegetarian and vegan-friendly city

Despite being renowned for its meatballs and pickled herring, Stockholm is actually also famous for its vegetarian and vegan influence. You can order milk alternatives everywhere, there are plenty of vegetarian restaurants and you'll always be able to find something to suit the dietary needs of either vegetarian or vegan.

Fika is a must 

Fika is a way of life in the Swedish culture and means having time in your day with friends or family to share a coffee and pastry. The country as a whole is known for its epic buns, especially cinnamon buns and this is the main time of the day to enjoy them. Of course, you can eat them at whatever time you wish.

Walking is your best bet to save money

As I mentioned, it's a pretty expensive city to explore and with that in mind, if you're able to, I would suggest walking as much as possible. It is a large place, but in the main parts, you can easily walk around.

Or opt for a bike

You're bound to see bicycles everywhere in Stockholm, it's one of the things they're known for. If you'd like to embrace that, hire your own bike and see the city that way. You can also hire electric scooters as they're a pretty common mode of transport.

Choose the bus from the airport

Transportation from the Arlanda airport (there are four different airports) can be pretty pricey if you choose a taxi or the Arlanda Express. However, to save pennies, choose the bus Flygbussarna which is around £15 for a round trip. It takes about 45 minutes and stops in the centre of the city.

Prepare for the weather

Sweden as a whole is known for its beautiful summers and super cold winters so be prepared for the weather depending on the time of year you're travelling. I went end of April, which meant the city was kind of like warm winter/spring weather and in the day it was warm enough for a light jumper and jeans but in the evening, the temperatures would dramatically drop.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any other tips?

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