Top 10 budget tips for visiting Stockholm

 Well hello to you my reader chums! Stockholm is one of the prettiest cities I've ever visited. With the gorgeous canals, pastel buildings, endless green areas and quirky old town, there is always something to see and do within its many islands. 

The city is notoriously known for its hefty price tag whilst you're there and I wanted to walk away and be like 'that wasn't true' but unfortunately it is. Stockholm had to be one of the most expensive cities I've visited, boasting prices similar to London - and that's why I would recommend being prepared to spend a little more than expected.

10 budget tips for visiting Stockholm

If you're heading to Stockholm or planning a trip, here are my 10 budget tips on how to keep your city break cheap.

Learn the exchange rate

I always find change rates deceiving when it's in large numbers and the Swedish Krona was no different. It's good to remember that £1 is around 12 SEK and so I would apply that knowledge to everything you're purchasing, which means you may need to do a little maths on your holiday (sorry about that).

Walk as much as you can (if possible)

Stockholm is a very walkable city and if you have the means to, I would recommend walking as much as you can. I probably walked most of the city on my trip and occasionally took public transport because the weather was gorgeous and even though it can get tiring, the sights are beautiful. Also, the main part of the old town and the nearby islands are close enough for walkable distance.

Utlitse the bus service from the airport

There are many different options to travel to and from the airports. I landed in Arlanda and instead of getting a taxi or the Arlanda Express, I took the Flygbussarna bus which worked out around £15 for a return. It was a little longer to get to the city than the express but was worth it for the price tag. The bus takes around 45 mins and you can catch it from the Arlanda bus station to the main city terminal which is in a central location of the city.

Take the metro when possible

If you're not one to walk lots or you don't have the means to, the metro can be a cheaper way to get around than taxis. A single ticket is 38 SEK which is around £3 and can be valid for up to 75 minutes. The metro station itself is very easy to navigate around and like London but with fewer tube lines.

Stay somewhere that offers free breakfast

This isn't something I'd usually recommend as I'm not someone who stays in hotels which offer breakfast as I like to try the cuisine on offer in the new city/country. However, as Stockholm proved to be very expensive overall, it was a blessing that the hotel offered free breakfast and I certainly made the most of it in the morning. I also didn't miss out on the Swedish buns as I ate them during Fika or for lunch instead.

Dine in cheaper restaurants (check prices before you go)

I found dining cheap in the evenings quite impossible as every restaurant had a hefty price tag, especially those of traditional Swedish or Nordic cuisine. I would therefore recommend Google search the area you're in for the cheapest restaurants and see what's on offer. As I mentioned previously, there are many islands so lots of different restaurants to choose from.

Go to food markets

I'm a big sucker for food markets, I love nothing more than trying out street food as there is always so much variety on offer. I also find them to be cheaper than dining in restaurants and in a pricey city like Stockholm, utilise the markets as much as possible such as Hornstulls marknad ( a weekend flea market with food trucks. Open April - September).

Avoid drinking any alcohol

Alcohol in Stockholm is incredibly pricey and if I was you, I'd avoid it altogether unless you want to be paying a silly amount for a beer or glass of wine. Stick to soft drink options and coffee on your trip to save ££.

Make use of the free attractions

Despite the high price tag, Stockholm is actually home to many free attractions such as the stunning architecture, free walking tours, an endless amount of parks, a cathedral, a gorgeous old town and a metro art exhibit. There are plenty of different things you can see and do for free or at a cheap price tag. Plus, the city is gorgeous, even walking around is like an attraction.

Pick which museums you'd prefer

There are quite a few museums, especially on Djurgården Island and I would recommend choosing the ones you'd like to go to as the prices really can pile up. I visited the Vasa Museum and Skansen open-air museum and both were worth the price I paid. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Do you have any other tips?

Thank you for reading <3

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  1. Thanks for sharing your tips, I have found the same in Denmark that prices for things are higher due to the exchange rate being higher. It's also great to see if there are deals on attractions or discounts that could save you money to :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures


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