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Well hello to you my reader chums! Having a professional-looking website is incredibly important, whether you're a blogger or a business (or both). It helps the reader or consumer easily get what they want from your website, in an easy format. I've run my blog for 7+ years now and I'm finally happy with my simple yet easy-to-use design.

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What You Need From a Professional Web Developer

There is no shortage of web developers promoting themselves as the number one choice for the building of your website, but there is a shortage of qualified professional web developers who are sure to get it done right the first time.

Many companies figure that a cheaper option saves them money when in reality it costs them much more over a period of time due to fixes and cheap work being done. If you want it done right, you’ll pay right towards a developer who doesn’t cut corners to deliver the goods.

Do you really want someone who spent a little time dabbling with coding and design on the side to handle the most important aspect of your business in the current climate?

Ask Yourself the Question

The first questions that need to be asked are to yourself.

By really evaluating what your requirements are from your website and listing them, you can figure out for yourself what is a necessity and what is a luxury that is nice to have. After all, you don’t build one wall of a house then lay down a shag rug. Once you have figured out what you really require upfront and what can be included later, you have a plan to present to a developer your priorities.

From there it's going to take a little research into the right developer for the job.

Ask Them the Question

First off you need to read reviews online about the developers you find. It’s not always a case that the closest developer to you and your business is the best fit. Do they work locally or do they work nationally? You may feel that someone close is best but someone who works nationally has obviously grown because of reputation.

Also, the cost is going to come into factor. Maybe you have a budget to work with, but choosing the cheapest option means that the work will also be of cheap quality because they lose not a lot whilst you can lose business and reputation if your website is clumsy, unresponsive or spends a lot of time experiencing downtime. Paying for a professional service at a higher price may be a lot more money, but it also helps to generate a lot more money.

Always ask for a look at their work portfolio and testimonials from clients. If those websites run smoothly and provide everything with no complaints then that should provide a good outlook. If the developer is quick to point out that the sites look bad because of the clients not engaging as they should then there is definitely an underlying problem of why they don’t.

Once in talks with a professional web developer, you can pretty much rely on instinct. If you feel something is not gelling in the overall pitch then ask outright. You need a web developer who knows what they are talking about and, more importantly, what you are talking about.

Stockport website design firms have a steady and first-rate reputation when it comes to doing things the right way, as well as being at the forefront of responsive web design and SEO to grow your business.

It’s your business and your website that matters and deserves the quality you pride yourself on. For that, it's always better to spend a little more than to lose much more.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What top thing do you look for in a website?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Great tips! Thanks for this informative post.

  2. Hey dear! I loved the post cutie!


  3. I personally wouldn't use a web developer unless I ran a really profitable business and got so successful that I didn't have the time xD (the dream!) having a nice looking theme and design is so important though! x

  4. A fab read! I don't think I would currently need a web designer but if I ever did this post would be super helpful!

    Amber - The Unpredicted Page

  5. I love these things to look out for. There's definitely some things a web designer could do that I wouldn't be very good at- I don't think I'm a particularly technical person! Thank you for sharing x

  6. Great post! I agree that hiring a web designer for those of us who do not have this education/talent and want to have a pleasing and functional blog is the way to go. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. I personally will handle everything by myself, from changing the theme/design or revamping my blog (which I've done many times). I will only hire web developer if my site is REALLY profitable and give me big income haha - Thanks for the useful tips x

  8. Hiring a professional web designer definitely has lots of benefits and you can customise your website the exact way you want to without having to worry about breaking your site if you try to tweak the code yourself. It's happened to me before & it was scary!

  9. Thanks for sharing, these are helpful tips :)

    Nic | Nic's Adventures & Bakes

  10. Totally agree, there are so many easy ways to make your little side hustle seem more professional!

    Great tips!



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