Current favourite skincare products and routine

Well hello to you my reader chums! I'm not the biggest skincare guru in any sense and it's not something, I've taken the time with other the years, however, I've now turned more attention to a routine. I was always that girl, who would wipe off my makeup, cleanse and moisturise, and that's about it. I'm very lucky in the fact I've always had nice and normal skin, and it wasn't an issue for me growing up.

However, blogging about beauty, I have dabbled into a lot of different skincare over the years, trialling out various products and see how they work for me. I've finally got to the stage in life where I've found a routine I love, with products that are equally as great. 

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The past few months, my skin has been flaring up and I think it was due to stress, hormones and honestly, my diet. Using these products that I'm about to mention has put things back at bay and given me a routine I'm excited to use on a daily basis. 
Current favourite skincare products and routine

Embryolisse foaming cream-milk cleanser

The first part of my morning routine is to use a cleanser and my go-to is the Embryolisse foaming cream-milk cleanser. I got gifted this a while back and fell in love with it since the first use. The cleanser's consistency is really thick and you only need a little as it lathers up like an absolute dream. The product feels incredibly soft on the skin, washes away easily and leaves my skin feeling ultra-smooth.

I love the fresh scent it has and the luxurious feel of the product. You can find my full review here.

Embroyolisse Lait-Crème Concentrate

After cleansing, I love to give my skin a rich moisturise and find the matching moisturiser to the cleanser does the trick. I was also gifted this product a while back and couldn't be more thankful. The product is incredibly thick and leaves my skin feeling really nourished. Despite the thick consistency, it blends into the skin incredibly quick and honestly, I'm obsessed. 

Superdrug Vitamin E serum

If my skin is feeling a little drier than usual or I fancy an extra step in my morning routine, I'll add a serum after the moisturiser. I love Superdrug's Vitamin E range; all the products I've used have done the job - and they're so affordable. I particularly love the serum as it smells divine (like coconuts) and blends on the skin so easily.

Zelens Daily Defence SPF

Call me naive, but I only learnt that you need to apply SPF separately to moisturiser onto the skin as the SPF in moisturiser/foundations isn't as effective. With that, I was straight on Cult Beauty and bought myself the Zelens Daily Defence. 

I've used this every day for the past few weeks after moisturising and before makeup application and I love it. Despite the small bottle, the product comes out pretty thick, and I only need the smallest amount to go across my face. 

Garnier's Micellar water

At the end of the day, its time for makeup removal and my staple product has been Garnier's Micellar water for years and years. I don't use it all the time now, however, it's an easy fix to taking off makeup. Makeup removes like a dream, and I love to use my reusable cotton pads to wipe it off with. You really can't go wrong with micellar water!

The Ordinary Squareline cleanser

I've heard too many good things about The Ordinary products and after getting my hands on one of their cleansers, I can see why. I've been using the Squareline cleanser as a makeup remover and cleanser. Most days in lockdown I haven't been wearing makeup so I can cleanse and carry on with the rest of my routine. However, on the days I have been wearing makeup, I like to use this to wash it off with and then cleanse again. 

The product itself is heavy in consistency and once warmed within my hands, it easily rubs into the skin for a deep cleanse. I apply it onto dry skin and wash it off with warm water. It's really easy to take off and I've found is actually a pretty good makeup remover as well (bearing in mind, I only wear light makeup.)

Pixi Glow Tonic and Pixi Retinol Tonic  

The Pixi tonics have been raved about on the internet and beauty community for the longest time - and it's taken me until now to give them a go. I can completely get the hype as I've fallen in love with these products.

As my skin had been playing up, I was recommended to try the Glow Tonic and the Retinol Tonic and use them on alternate days - and so far, it's done the trick. My skin has improved a lot! I like to apply each tonic on either a cotton pad or cotton ball and sweep it all over the skin. This may sound weird, but when it's sinking into the skin, it really feels like it's doing something. 

I'll then go in and moisturise again to complete my nighttime routine.

Korean Skincare

I've heard a lot of good things about Korean Skincare and all the benefits it can do for your skin. I love K Beauty because it offers a range of different Korean Skincare products from face masks to moisturisers and they're all of top quality for my skin. And, the beauty of Korean skincare is to get to know your skin and care for it, according to its condition. I can't wait to try more of the products!

I hope you enjoyed a little insight into my favourite skincare products at the minute. What products have you been using?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I haven't tried any Pixi Products yet. Hope to try them soon!

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  2. I really want to try the Superdrug Vitamin E range, it sounds so good! x

  3. Everytime I pop into Superdrug to find that serum it's always out of stock!! Love love love the glow tonic though from Pixi
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