Wild natural deodorant review | Gifted

 Well hello to you my reader chums! I have said for a long time and in many blog posts, that I'm trying to make more ethical and sustainable choices in my everyday life. I've come across many products since making that choice and one of them is the Wild refillable deodorant. I was so thankful and excited when I got gifted this deodorant - and I can't wait to share my thoughts with you.

Wild natural deodorant review | Gifted

The concept

I've never heard of this kind of deodorant before it landed on my doorstep. Previously, I've seen eco deodorants but nothing like this. Wild is a refillable deodorant. The deodorant comes in the post with a case and the option to refill it with compostable refills.

I love the concept behind it as I'll always have a case to carry around,  there is no waste involved and you can refill the deodorant with a variety of different scents.


With any good quality product, the price is a little more expensive and that goes with Wild, however, it's completely worth it. I have the assurance of knowing I'm putting a natural product on my skin and it's good for the planet. It's not as cheap as your high street deodorant, but worthwhile in the long run for different reasons, and if you like a little splurge, it's the perfect product.

The starter kit is £12 for 1 case, 1 refill, and joining their subscription service. The one off-purchase has a case and 3 refills for £25 or there's the option of 1 case with 5 refills for £35. 

Wild also gave me a code of  'Della10' which will give you 10% off your order.


The kit that I received came in a cardboard box which easily slotted into my letterbox and contained the deodorant case and its refill. It's presented in a compact way, and the actual case is super cute. It looks pretty, better than your usual deodorant design, it's the right size to bring on the go but also contains enough product to last a long time.

The scent and texture

Going onto the actual product, I absolutely love it. The deodorant can come in a range of scents and I chose 'Coconut dream.' I'm a big lover of coconut fragrances as it reminds me of a holiday so I thought it was the perfect match. The actual scent is very subtle but has the flavour of coconut running through giving it the apt name. I like that the scent is subtle though because that way I have the assurance of knowing it's a natural product for my skin and is aluminium free.

The texture is different from my usual roll-on deodorant. Unlike usual roll-ons, it's not wet in any way and I don't need to leave time for it to dry. Instead, the texture is wax-like, similar to a solid shampoo which you need to work into the skin, rub it in slightly and allow it to settle in. I like that as again, it feels natural and it's perfect if I'm in a rush as there's no 'waiting for it to dry' timeframe needed. 

Wild natural deodorant review | Gifted

Lasting power 

Considering the different texture of the deodorant, I was pretty nervous about how the deodorant would play out in the day, especially with the hot weather we've had lately. However, after trialling it and getting used to the best way to apply it, for instance, I can honestly say it lasts as long as a usual deodorant.

Overall thoughts

Overall, I've fallen in love with the Wild way of life. The product is of great quality, it's natural, eco-friendly and I love the application/lasting power. It may be on the pricier side, however, the quality and overall experience of the product makes up for that.

If you're interested in trialling out Wild deodorant, use my code 'Della10' for 10% off online.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. Have you tried any exciting eco-friendly products lately?

Thank you for reading <3

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