How to look after your mental health during lockdown

Well hello to you my reader chums! Lockdown is an uncertain time for everyone, whether you're a key worker, working from home, have been furloughed or isolating on your own. This uncertain time means it's important more than ever to look after your mental health and know that everything will be okay.

If you're struggling at the minute with your mental health or know someone who is, here are a few ways on how to look after your mental health during lockdown...

How to look after your mental health during lockdown

Avoid the news/media coverage

Wherever you look at the minute, whether it's on the TV, on social media or anywhere online, the coverage is heavily focused on the pandemic - and even though it's important to stay informed, the weight of the news can consume you and worsen your anxiety a lot. I've been doing my best to avoid any sort of news or negative press surrounding the pandemic as it fills me with unnecessary worry. I'm not saying to be ignorant of the matter but don't intentionally read into the negative words surrounding the pandemic as you will fill yourself with dread. 

The news especially focuses on the negative side of what's going on and as much it is a huge tragedy, there is good news coming from it such as the number of people surviving, how communities are coming together and positive viral videos. Try and focus on the flip side of what's going on and read into more positive stories online.

Keep social as much as you can 

Given the circumstances that we're in, going out and meeting up with people is a huge no, however, there are so many ways to stay in touch with people - and keeping social is incredibly important for your mental well being. Talking online whether it's video chat or messaging will make you feel human again as interaction is so important.

A lot of people are isolating alone in lockdown and if you have a friend or family member like that, try your best to check in with them to see how they're doing, even if it's only for 10 minutes of your day. And, try and have a bit of social interaction each day so you're staying in the routine with social people. I'm lucky that I live with my family so have them speak to but have also been video chatting my friends as much as possible.

Don't put pressure on yourself to be productive

I've seen so many things online how we need to use this time to have a glow up, become the new us, write a novel or start a new business venture. However, also know it's okay if you don't do any of that stuff. There shouldn't be any pressure on yourself to be productive or become a whole new you. You can use this time to have a mental life pause, catch up on your sleep, binge watch Netflix or just do nothing. It's your time and you need to do what's important for you. Try and not compare to everyone on Instagram who is working out every day or renovating their front room - you do exactly what makes you happy.

Stick to some sort of a routine

Having somewhat of a routine will help you stay in some level of normality. This could be as simple as getting up at a certain time and having your usual breakfast, lunch, and dinner so the day is broken up accordingly. Don't put pressure on yourself to partake in a strict routine, take it easy with a few goals in mind each day to keep you positive.

Utilise fresh air 

As the government has stated, we're allowed 1 hour of exercise each day so use the time to go for a walk, whether that's around your neighbourhood or open space nearby your house. I'm lucky in the fact I have a large garden so I have been getting my daily dose of Vitamin D sitting outside, however, I know for some people who live in flats or don't have their own outside space, how important the hour of exercise is for them. Utilise it, appreciate it and make sure you're social distancing.

Always remember 'this too shall pass'

A good friend has taught me the phrase 'this too shall pass' and since then I've used it in every possible hard circumstance to help get me through and stay positive. And like a bad break up or bad day, the lockdown shall pass, and things will be better again. We will go back to normal life at some point, we will be able to reunite with our family and friends again, we will be able to travel once more and we will be able to work again. Keep patient, stay positive and always remember 'this too shall pass'.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Do you have any other mental health tips?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I love these tips - I've completely wrecked my normal routine so I'm trying to get it back to normal because it has really confused my body! It's so important to look after our mental health, I've also avoided reading the news too much because it's so worrying x

    - Charlotte /

    1. Thank you lovely! It's incredibly important and I hope these tips can help you xx


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