5 ways to stay positive in isolation

Well hello to you my reader chums! Given the current situation of everyone self-isolating, it can be hard on each individual for different reasons, whether that's financially, mentally or physically - and that's why I'd like to shed a little positivity in this tough time.

Whether you're struggling or know someone who is in this uncertain period, here are 5 ways to stay positive or spread some positivity.

5 ways to stay positive in isolation

Stay grateful and appreciative of what you have

Although at a time where everywhere is deemed unsafe and a lot of us have been thrown off course of our yearly plan, there is always something to be grateful for and be appreciative of. For instance, I'm feeling very content and grateful that I'm able to be at home with my family, have food on the table and continue doing my job from home. At the beginning or end of each day, try and think of three things that you're grateful and focus on that. It can be as simple as your garden (I'm really utilising mine right now) or having the quality time with your family you wouldn't usually have.

Embrace the quality time

This is a strange period in a lot of our lives, where for the first time we have some free time on our hands to get the things done that have been on our to-do list, for ages. A great way to stay positive is embracing this spare time you've been given and take it as an opportunity, and make the most of it. Print out photos, organise your wardrobe, start a scrapbook or simply, put away your phone and spend quality time with those in your household.

Try and help out 

Although for a lot of us, the lockdown can mean unlimited Netflix and food, for a huge part of the population like key workers and the elderly, it can be a very difficult time. If you're able to, try and help out in any way you can, whether that's offering to do an elderly neighbour's shop, helping out any key workers' home life in some way or taking up a side job at the supermarkets to help out the many overworked staff. Or, simply offering your time by calling a friend/family member up and reassuring them it'll be okay.

Keep your routine the same

One of the things which can change my outlook at this time is losing the lack of motivation to do anything, as my routine isn't the same as what it was before. A way I've tackled this and kept positive is to keep my routine the same as what it was before. Obviously working from home is completely different from normal office life, as there's no commute, being in a team environment and a lot more distraction. With that in mind, I aim to get up at a similar time, eat a good breakfast, get ready in some way and take the breaks I usually do to cut the day up how it was before - and find I feel better for it.

Utilise this uncertain period in the best way you can

Turning a negative into a positive is always tricky but given the situation we're in, it's the best thing to do. If you focus too much on the what-ifs of the world right now, then you'll make yourself stressed and anxious. Try and avoid the news as much as you can, keep away from trending posts about the subject online and use this uncertain period by focusing on the things you'd like to do. Start a new hobby, create a TikTok account and practice self-love. You do you, boo.

I hope you enjoyed this post! How are you staying positive in isolation?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. I completely agree with keeping routine - I messed up my sleep schedule a week in and I'm trying so hard to get it back to normal because it has really thrown me off. Hope you're well! x

    - Charlotte / charlottesspace.com

    1. Thank you lovely, I hope you're well and can get back to normal soon x


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