Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Well hello to you my reader chums! Located on the west coast of Thailand, Krabi is renowned for its limestone cliffs and offshore islands. Krabi is quite a large place, and there are loads of different areas you can set up a base from Ao Nang to Krabi Town.

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Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

On my stay in Krabi, I booked the Chanchalay Guest House in Krabi Town. It was an ideal location, as it wasn't too far from the boat pier, and an easy place to go for day trips. Krabi Town itself is very quiet; there's only a handful of restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions. However, it's a quiet location to spend a few days and book yourself a series of fun day trips and excursions.

If you're based in Krabi Town for a few days, here are some exciting day trips to consider.

Railay Beach 

Probably one of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see, Railay Beach was my favourite day trip from Krabi. I booked it at a local travel agent in Krabi for the second day of our stay and it was really easy to get a spot on the excursion. On the morning of the trip, I got picked up from the hotel and taken down to the boat dock. From there, the boat journey took around 40 minutes until I arrived at the beautiful beach.

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

I can see why Railay Beach was so hyped up because when we arrived it was a beautiful combination of super clear-waters and soft sands. The waters were ever so shallow and if not a bit rocky, but lovely to cool down in and swim as you walked into the deeper part. Railay Beach was huge and you could easily find a spot of tranquil to relax and deeper points of the ocean for a lovely swim. The island Railay Beach was very rocky and had plenty to explore. Around 15-20 minutes from Railay Beach, there was Phranang Beach. This beach was also stunning and had a great spot for cliff climbing. The waters here were much deeper, still clear and the sand was so soft. Probably the coolest thing on this beach was all the lined up boats serving up a selection of food and drink.

Krabi hot springs, Ron Waterfall and Emerald Pool

Another exciting trip to do is Ron Waterfall and Emerald Pool. Although this excursion was a little on the more pricy side, it was a lot of fun. The excursion began really early with an 8am pick up (even though it was late). They took me straight to the waterfall and once I arrived it was beautiful. I got in at the bottom of the waterfall which was a long river and was surprisingly cold! It wasn't till I went next to the waterfall that we felt the beautiful warm water. On top of the waterfall, there were small pools that were like a warm bath. I was only allowed to stay in the pools for 15 minutes at a time as they got too hot!

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Next, the bus driver drove us to the Emerald Pool which was around a 15-minute journey. On arrival, the pool was in a beautiful and forested area. I had to walk 15 minutes to reach the actual Emerald Pool through a lovely little forest. When I got there, I was amazed by the pool's beauty. It was like the name suggests, emerald in colour, and super lovely to swim in. As it was a Saturday, it was pretty packed when we first arrived, but as the hour or so went on, people left and we got to swim in less busy waters.

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Ao Nang Beach

If you want a quick trip to the beach then you can spend the day over at Ao Nang Beach. It's only around a 30-minute drive away from Krabi Town and has the most beautiful beach. Ao Nang is a resort town so it's a lot busier than Krabi Town and has plenty to do on your day there.

Koh Phi Phi tour

Best day trips from Krabi Town, Thailand

Phi Phi is renowned for its party scene and beautiful beaches, but if the nightlife isn't for you then a day trip is perfect. The island isn't actually as big as you think, and you could probably explore its best bits in a few hours. As there are no motorbikes or cars on the island, taking a stroll around the beaches, it's off-the-beaten-paths and the restaurant scene is only accessible on foot. If you book a tour rather than just a ferry to the island, it'll take you to tourist spots such as Monkey Beach, Maya Beach, and Piley Bay.

Hong Island

Hong Island is very easy to reach from Krabi and can be booked via a day tour. The Hong Islands are part of a National Marine Park and its many islands, Koh Hong is uninhabited - making it perfect for nature life spotting. Hong Island has sandy beaches, striking cliffs and makes a lovely spot for a kayak excursion.

I hope you enjoyed this travel guide. Have you visited Krabi before?

Thank you for reading <3

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