Everything you need to know before visiting Dubai

Well hello to you my reader chums! Dubai, the city of skyscrapers, desert,s and beaches, is a place everyone should visit once in their lifetime. It's perfect for romance, a gals trip, and suits families too. Dubai is a place where I've made some of the best memories and would happily return to again and again for a holiday. If it's your first time visiting, I've got a couple of tips to share with you.

Everything you need to know before visiting Dubai

Dubai is a huge city

I didn't realise how big Dubai would be until I arrived! You can't really walk anywhere unless you're in a certain area if that makes sense. For instance, if you're in the area of Jumeirah Beach, the attractions around there are reachable, but you couldn't walk to the Burj Khalifa or mall from there. The best way to get around is by metro or taxi. The metro is very simple to figure out, and attractions are usually within walking distance from the stops - and it's super cheap. Taxis are also relatively affordable, and because of how Dubai roads are designed (so many motorways), it'll generally take around 20 minutes to get everywhere.

Be wary where you stand on the tube

Something that did shock me in Dubai was that some underground tubes had a 'woman and child' carriage where of course only women and children can stand. If you're a man, be aware and make sure you're standing in the right place. Also, they have a gold ticket holder carriage, I suppose kind of like a first-class area on an English train. Avoid standing in this carriage unless you have a gold ticket or you can be fined.

Book attractions in advance

Like every city destination, for bigger attractions, book your tickets in advance. The Burj Khalifa is always busy and there are constant queues that if you arrive without a ticket, you'll be lining up for a while. The same goes for the Burj Al Arab brunch. Friday brunch is a traditional thing in Dubai, and if you want to dine it in 7-star style, book it in advance to get a good spot.

Be mindful of values

As a Muslim country, there are certain rules that apply in Dubai that aren't the same as back in the UK. For example, not every hotel or restaurant will serve alcohol. You're likely to come across a few 'dry' hotels, however, don't be alarmed, a lot of places will still serve up yummy cocktails and have an alcohol license. If you're unsure where to go, ask at your hotel which places serve alcohol and which don't. Pork is something that is forbidden in Muslin culture so it's quite hard to find in Dubai and often won't be on the menu in most restaurants. Other meats such as chicken, beef and seafood etc will be accessible, however.

Also, it's important to dress modestly in public spaces. Although the fashion police won't be after you, it's best not to show too much skin and respect the local culture. It's also worth noting that inside malls are heavily air-conditioned so a cardigan will come in handy.

The call to prayer

In Dubai, the call to prayer can be heard wherever you are in the city. All the mosques are wired up to public speakers and the call of prayer can be 5 times a day. Don't be alarmed if it wakes you up!

Dubai can get very hot

I visited Dubai in February so the temperature was perfect summer weather, warm enough to tan but not be overly hot. However, in the summer months, weather can be very humid and hot that if you're visiting at that time, bring a lot of sun cream! If the heat isn't for you, visit between November and March for the comfortable heat.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When are you planning to visit Dubai?

Thank you for reading <3 

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  1. These are great tips. Its really interesting to read about other cultures before you visit somewhere. I remember the call to pray being so loud in Egypt too.


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