How to increase your body confidence

Well hello to you my reader chums! Body confidence is something a lot of us struggle with, including me. It's one of those things that really take time to work on - essentially building the love for yourself. However, there are people out there who love every bit of them and I admire that greatly. Each and every one of us is fabulous in our own way and we should embrace it, instead of shying away from our beautiful features.

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Although my journey of body confidence was quite a lengthy process, today I feel comfortable in my skin, and love who I am. I do have days where I point out things I don't like, however for the most part I try to have a positive outlook about what I do love. 

Whether you don't know where to begin or would like a little reminder, here is how to increase your body confidence.

Wear your favourite piece of clothing 

It goes without saying that if you're wearing something you love, you're already going to feel that extra bit of confidence. Whether it's your favourite skater skirt, pair of high waisted jeans or even a bikini on your holidays; flaunt what you got. There's no reason for you not to feel 12/10 in your favourite outfit - so hold your head high and rock it. 

Always wear a smile 

As the film, Annie once said ' you're never fully dressed without a smile' - she's right in so many ways. Adding a smile to your outfit shows an added ounce of confidence and it'll make you feel better when you receive a smile back from strangers. There's no better confidence boost than making someone's day.

Get your old clothes tailored 

I don't know about you, but in my wardrobe, I have plenty of tops, dresses or skirts that I always say 'I'll wear again' but I never do - and I think it's down to the fact I wouldn't feel comfortable or fashionable in older clothing. However, if you're a bit of a clothes hoarder like me, why not get these older pieces tailored? You can make an out-of-fashion top into something new and exciting, that you couldn't wait to wear. Or go for dress alterations and turn an old prom dress or bridal party outfit into something ultra-fabulous for the next big event. 

 Slowly show off your 'least favourite features' 

How to increase your body confidence

The majority of people have an area of their body that's not their favourite and there's no reason not to show it off every once in a while. For example, I used to really hate my small boobs and think I didn't look feminine enough - but over time I began to stop caring what other people thought and wore dresses without a bra, put on low cut tops and non-padded bikinis. Luckily, from a bit of weight gain, they did grow slightly and I'm in love with them now and feel more confident when choosing an outfit. If you have a feature you're not in love with, slowly show it off. For instance, say it's your tummy. Begin with a pair of high waisted jeans and once you're used to them, put on a crop top to show that extra bit of skin, and then try and get used to wearing low rise jeans with a regular top. It's all about the steps and feeling comfortable on your body confidence journey. 

Change your mindset 

This is probably the hardest out of all the pointers but a change in mindset will do you wonders. I'm not saying you can go from no confidence to plenty overnight, but a positive outlook will truly benefit you. For instance, if you're thinking ' I can't wear this dress as I won't look good as everyone else in it', swap that thought to ' I bet everyone is going to look great at the party and I can't wait to join in and have fun - and I'm going to rock this look'. It's only a small change but once you have it in your mind about the fun you'll have about a certain event, you'll naturally stop worrying about what you look like. 

The same goes with a bikini on holiday - try to change your thoughts that 'everyone is looking at me' to ' I can't wait to soak up the sun and go to the water park'. Life is too short to worry about other people's opinions - it should be about all the experiences you're going to have. When you're old and grey, you won't be thinking about that bikini you wore on holiday but the stories of the trip. 

Step out of your style comfort zone 

Everyone has their own sense of style, whether that's a stripe addiction or an edgier outfit go to, we all have a look. And another way to increase your body confidence is by changing the style up. You can get so used to wearing the same clothes easily, that you'll get comfortable and begin not to experiment - however that's what the wild world of fashion is for. Start by purchasing a clothing piece you wouldn't usually go for and incorporate it in your wardrobe - and then take it to step by step. 

I hope you enjoyed this post! What are your tips for increasing body confidence? 

Thank you for reading <3


  1. These tips are amazing, Della! I don't really have tips myself because I'm not always that confident, but I love your tips and I love your blog post!

    Shirley |

  2. These are some great tips! Stepping out of your style can be so intimidating but if you start small and incorporate more and more as time goes on it works so well.

  3. I think stepping out my comfort zone in terms of style has helped my body confidence massively! I went to a topshop personal shopper for assistant with my wardrobe, because I felt as though I couldn't find clothes that I liked and that really complimented my figure. Since then I've been totally rocking new finds! x

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