Why you should holiday more often

Well hello to you my reader chums! If you're a regular follower on my blog or social media channels, then you'd know I love travelling, and planning my next trip away is my favourite thing ever. However, I think there's a complete difference between travelling and holidaying. To me, travelling means seeing a new place, keeping in budget and jam packing everything into the allocated time there, whereas holidaying is oh so more luxurious. Holidaying I'd describe as fully unwinding, indulging in all of life's good things, chilling by the pool and switching off from routine.

Why you should holiday more often

I love to travel, however there aren't many trips I go on where I'm switched off from the blogging world, work, my worries back home or thinking about social media - and that's super important to get away from. Considering all the trips I go on every year, I'd say 1-2 of them I will fully unwind and feel relaxed, and it's always a fab break away.

Here's why you should  holiday more often...

It'll boost your mindset

Mental health is more important than many of us realise and it requires as much attention as our physical health. You need to take time out every day to switch off whether it's reading a book, having a bath or switching on your favourite TV show - and in the longer term booking time away. Escaping for a week to a beach side destination, country village or wherever your calm place may be can help boost that mindset. You can focus on feeling calm and letting all your worries float away.

You'll have a chance to unwind 

In the busy world we live in with the constant access to technology, it's hard to find the time to fully unwind and have a technology detox. However, with a holiday as you're so busy soaking up either the sunshine, or the views that you won't find the need to use your phone as much. You can have a much needed technology detox, and embrace a relaxing break.

It'll give you a break away from everyday life

Everyday life can get busy at times; whether that's a stressful job, hectic social life or hobbies, sometimes you need to get away. It's important to step away from routine and change things up a bit every now and then - seeing a new place.

You can indulge all you like 

Surely the best thing about holidays is all the food and drink right? Whether it's all inclusive or you plan to eat every ice cream in sight, indulge how you wish. Enjoy the summer cocktails, and splurge on things you wouldn't usually consider - you're on holiday.

You can try new things

A new place can mean trying new things and that can be anything from new foods, to new experiences. On my last trip, I went jet skiing for the first time and although it was terrifying, I can tick it off the bucket list.

You can sleep more

I don't know about you but when I'm working and in usual routine, I never get enough sleep as I need so on holiday, it's always nice to get some extra bit of shut eye.

I hope you enjoyed this post. When was your last holiday?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Such a lovely blog post Della! The last time I went on a holiday, it was a weekend away to the Ardennes with my boyfriend at the beginning of August!😊

    Shirley | https://shirleycuypers.blogspot.be

  2. There is so much truth to what you've writing. I hardly ever holiday anymore, just travelling and while I love it and it does relax me in some way, it is also incredibly exhausting cramming in everything you want to see and do.
    Sophie xxx | eyesofowls.org

    1. Yes! I'm so glad someone relates to what I'm saying xx

  3. I'm trying to explain to everyone that a week off every 3 months is NECESSARY! You can burnout doing the same thing over and over.
    Such an informative post, loved it!


  4. Totally agree in the difference between traveling and holidays. Sometimes you just need to go somewhere with a beach and do nothing but drink and eat!


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