5 Top packing tips for your carry on bag

Well hello to you my reader chums and long time no see! The past few weeks have been crazily busy but I'm excited to be back, typing away at a new post. I've been travelling a lot lately, whether it's abroad, going up to London for a couple of days or spending the weekend with family, a lot of packing has taken place. If you're looking to prevent excess baggage costs on a plane or spending a few days in the next county over, here are my best packing tips for your carry on bag.

5 Top packing tips for your carry on bag

1) Pack multi-purpose clothing

Carry-on suitcases tend to have a lot of room in them, however if you can save space, then do it. Items like jeans and jackets can be used for a variety of different looks so there's no need to pack more than what you need. If it was a slightly cooler location, I'd suggest packing a pair of jeans (depending on the length of the trip) and a variety of tops as they're very lightweight with a versatile jacket, either denim or leather. For a summery location, swap out the jeans with shorts and pack either dresses or playsuits, as the lightweight material can be rolled up, packed in the suitcase, neatly.

2) Wear your heaviest clothing items

If you are travelling abroad and only using carry on, wear your heaviest items to keep the suitcase's weight down. Most airlines have a 10kg weight limit, however some can be lower or higher than this. Items including trainers, boots, larger coats and denim clothing can all add to the weight than your typical t-shirt. If you're able to, wear these items for the journey.

3) Minimalize your beauty products

As a beauty blogger, lover of all makeup, skincare and haircare, it's a tricky task minimising which products to bring when going away. For makeup, I'll tend to bring my smallest eye shadow palette, two lip options, a nude and bolder shade, then my standard everyday makeup. Skincare and haircare is usually the tricky bit. Either I bring the mini-version of my makeup remover (which is a 2 in one cleanser and makeup remover) and a moisturiser or switch to makeup wipes if it's only one night. To save on space, you can bring a 2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner or head over to your local supermarket to purchase mini haircare products. Or there's the option to put all your products in 100ml bottles, which are available to buy anywhere; Primark do them for a few pounds!

4) Rollerball perfumes

Everybody loves a good perfumer spritz before the start of the day, however when it comes to carry-on, there's the chance a lovely glass bottle could break. To prevent any damage, rollerball perfumes are the way forward. They're compact and light enough to pop in your bag or take wherever you go.

5) Buy a lightweight suitcase

I love travelling so took the plunge last year and bought matching white Tripp suitcases, one of my favourite luggage brands. Unlike typical suitcases, they're incredibly lightweight and only feel a lot heavier when they've been fully packed. By having a lighter suitcase, this will bring your baggage weight down on the plane, be easier to travel with and store away after the trip. Also, a four wheel suitcase, makes pulling a suitcase along much more fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your best packing tips for a carry on?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. This has really helped me as I'm going away next week! I never thought to wear the heavy items instead of packing them although it'll be hot where I'm going so I don't need to worry about jeans and jackets!

    - Lauren xo


    1. I'm glad it helped you out - hope you have the best time away!! xx

  2. So, I 100% agree on bringing rollerball perfumes. I never owned one until recently and oh my gosh isn't it the best for travel?!? I would always worry that the caps of my perfumes would pop off and leak in my suitcase, but you really don't have to worry about that with rollerball perfumes. Great post!


    1. The best! Exactly, no chance of leakage at all xx

  3. I have the hardest time packing for holidays, I went on a 3 day trip to Milan and packed 5 outfits and 2 jackets (not including the jacket I wore to get there)! My suitcase ended up ripping lool :(



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