Review: Bella Pro contour brush set

Well hello to you my reader chums! Ever since I started this blog, beauty reviews have always been one of my favourite topics to write about. For Christmas, I've received a few new makeup brushes and one of the sets were 'Bella Pro contour brush set'. I've never heard of this brand before and was intrigued in seeing what the brushes would be like. 

Here are my thoughts on Bella Pro makeup brushes.

Bella Pro makeup contour brush set

The brush selection

When it comes to a brush set, I always want a range that's able to make over an every day face, for instance one to blend in your base (foundation and concealer), contour, highlight and if they include eye brushes, a few to get that candid blended eye shadow look. This brush set is predominately designed for just base makeup and includes a buffer brush, blush/bronzer brush, fan brush, foundation brush and a thin one for the concealer; a wide range to suit each makeup stage. I've found each brush to have multiple uses, such as using the buffer brush for blending foundation and setting the base with powder or using the blush brush for both contour and blusher.

The buffer brush - What I love most about this brush is the size; it's large enough to buff a lot of product onto the skin and cover a wide area as you do so. With buffing brushes, you need the brush to be quite dense to avoid product waste and keep a firm grip to the face as you blend. This brush is exactly that; firm enough to hold the correct amount or product and blend it throughout the skin with minimal waste.

Fan brush - I've only recently fallen in love with fan style brushes thanks to this one and a Real Techniques brush I mentioned in my favourites post. The Bella Pro fan brush is one of the softest brushes I've ever owned and works like a dream. For everyday highlight use, it swipes on the perfect amount of highlight for that subtle glow. If you'd like a more intense highlight, simply apply more product to the brush and layer for your desired effect.

Blush brush - I'm not the biggest blush fan and have mainly been using this brush for contour purposes. The brush is at an angle which makes it the perfect shape to either get right in those cheekbones for contour of if you'd prefer to use for blush, to go up the apples of the cheeks towards the temples. As this isn't a very dense brush, it's not the best for a full on contour, however for an everyday subtle contour and all over bronze, it holds the right amount of product and applies easily on the skin.

Foundation brush - Out of all the brushes, this is the only one I haven't used and simply for the reason, I'm not the biggest fan of flat foundation brushes. However, what I can say the material is super soft and dense which will make application that bit easier as it'll grip to the skin instead of sliding around the place, avoiding streaky marks.

Concealer brush - This is my second favourite brush to the fan brush as it can be used for two of my favourite makeup steps. As it's a much smaller design than a typical concealer brush, you're able to blend under the eyes and onto blemishes easily - plus it also doubles up as an eye blending brush. The softness of the concealer brush means you're able to blend out those harsh crease colours into a beautiful blended look.

Bella Pro makeup brushes review

The brush's material 

With makeup brushes, all every makeup user wants is soft brushes which do the job and that's exactly what the Bella Pro contour brush range is like. Every single brush is as soft as anything (I'd say on par with the Real Techniques collection) that feel super light on the skin. 

The brushes washing ability

I always get worried testing out new makeup brushes in case when it comes to washing, they'll shed and you'll lose apart of the brushes. However, the Bella Pro collection wash easily with absolutely no shedding and once dry keep to their original softness.

Bella Pro makeup brushes review

The brush design 

I love the brush set's design as I think it's simple yet still looks classy. I'm a big fan of grey/silver in general so pair that with white topped brushes (yes they need a bit of a clean at the minute) and you have the perfect mix. I think also, that putting their purposes on each brush is always a good feature as if you were a makeup newbie, it gives you that heads up on what the brush is meant for.

Overall, these brushes have truly impressed me. With completely softness, stylish design, a range fitting each purpose and the best washing ability, you can't go wrong. All you need is the perfect brush case to match and you're good to go off on your travels with these fab brushes.

I hope you enjoyed this brush review. Have you tried out Bella Pro brushes before?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. These look amazing! I need some new brushes

  2. They look like such pretty brushes, I love the colour of them! xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  3. I'm always on the hunt for new brushes, and these ones look so good! Can't believe I haven't heard of them before!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. I thought that when I received them - such brilliant quality xx

  4. How cute are these brushes! I’m with you on the flat foundation brush it’s just a big no from me! X


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