Winter handbag essentials

Well hello to you my reader chums! With the wintertime sprung upon us, I wanted to share what I like to carry around in my handbag on a daily basis. I'm one of those girls who tend to over-pack in any scenario, ensuring I have this, this, and that just in case, hence why I prefer a slightly larger bag. The one I bought recently is from T.K Maxx and I'm absolutely obsessed with it!

Here are my winter handbag essentials.

Hand cream

First things first, has to be hand cream. When the colder weather hits, my hands are the main thing that tends to suffer, getting increasingly dry and therefore I like to carry around cream to give them that element of moisture in the day. My go-to choice has to be Soap and Glory's hand food, not only does it smell heavenly, it truly does the job, leaving your hands feeling silky smooth.

Lip balm

Another important item in the winter months is certainly lip balm. Similar to my hands, when the weather turns colder, my lips get incredibly dry. The lip balm I'm loving at the moment is Blistex's intense moisturiser which I picked up on a whim, however, I'm glad I did as it thoroughly does the job. It holds a strong minty scent, similar to Vicks, that when applied tingles the lips and feels as if it's healing the dry layer. As it's white, you need to work it in a bit to avoid a white sheen, yet I love it and reckon it's going to be my saviour in the next few months.

A book to read

If you know me, you'd completely understand my love for reading. I've read ever since I can remember and recently I've rekindled my book love by allowing time before I go to bed and on the way to work to read. As I take the bus to work which takes around 45 minutes, there's a vast amount of time to immerse myself into a storyline. I've just finished The Ice Twins which I absolutely adored ( I may do a review on it soon) and am currently reading The Last Days of Rabbit Hayes, which so far I'm enjoying. I think having a book with you wherever, especially if you're travelling, gives you the chance to instead of scroll on endless social media, embrace the writings of many authors.

Notebook and pen

I've decided to get my life a tad more organised lately and bought several notebooks. I love the purpose of having a notebook with me on the go because it means if I have any ideas for blog posts, Christmas presents, or other creative thoughts, I'm able to jot them down before they go out of my mind. The one I'm obsessed with that's been in my handbag lately is this brown coloured book from Matalan that presents a subtle note design. It embraces a simplistic, vintage edge and I just love the size of it.


Being a full-on lipstick hoarder, it's safe to say I don't go anywhere without a lipstick option in my handbag. If it's on a day to day basis, it'll tend to be a nude in case I want to put one on to freshen up my makeup, however on the weekend or if I'm going anywhere special, I'll keep the lipstick I'm wearing from that day with me as well for topping up. Today I opted for Revlon's matte balm in 'Sultry', a lipstick I absolutely love. It's a dusky, slightly darker pink with a matte finish, beautiful all year round.


As I travel to work and use public transport a lot, having a pair of headphones on me is a god send. There's nothing better when you're feeling a bit tired when travelling alone, than plugging in your favourite music and watching the world go by.

Hand-held mirror

Another key essential I always have with me is a mirror. It's that one thing someone always asks for when you're out so I make sure to have it with me.


Yet another vital thing, especially if I'm unsure if anyone will be at home when I get back from work. I love my keys as I have a picture keyring from Madame Tussaud when my best friends and I met the One Direction waxworks.

Hand sanitiser 

Being the germ probe I am, there's no surprise I always carry around hand sanitiser with me. It's easily accessible if I'd like to refresh before eating or if anyone else would like to wash their hands.

Other essential items 

The last few essentials I bring with me is my iPhone, I can't go anywhere without it, clips/hairbands in case I want to shove my hair up and tissues! Tissues are a must now it's winter as either myself or anyone who is with me is bound to have a runny nose.

I hope you enjoyed this post. What are your winter handbag essentials?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Great post!! Loved it x

  2. I totally understand why all these items are essentials. I carry around pretty much every one of these (although I need a new hand sanitiser).
    I can't believe that we both enjoy the same lip balm and carry around our latest book (because I seriously though that was just me these days!).
    Great post! Really enjoyed it!

    1. Thank you! Ah that's crazy we carry around the same things! xx

  3. Great post! I always carry a lipbalm with me without fail :)

    Charlotte ~

  4. Your handbag is gorgeous! Definite essentials for me are hand cream & lip balm :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock


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