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Well hello to you my reader chums! Since we've now reached November, where autumn is coming to a close and winter is fully emerging, I thought it'll be the perfect time to share with you my go to lipstick for these seasons. When the cooler months hit, I start to grab for the darker tones, my favourite kind of lipsticks to wear. Nothing can pull together the perfect autumn/winter outfit than a strong berry, vampy or red lip. I love these colours and am really excited to present my top picks!

Here's an overview:

In order from left to right: 
Mac's 'Russian Red'
Rimmel's Kate Moss in '107'
Revlon matte balm in 'Sultry'
Maybelline's color burst in 'Berry much'
Mac's 'Diva'
Mac's Russian Red - Starting off with the slightly more festive shades, 'Russian Red' has to be my ultimate must have red. It's a classic blue-toned red which glides on beautifully even though the finish is matte. The colour pigmentation is flawless, holding its strength for lengthy amounts of time and the consistency is rather creamy when applied. It becomes a true staple nearer to Christmas when I really reach for a defined red lip. For a drugstore option, Rimmel's '01' lipstick has the same red tone, yet with a glossy, slightly pinkier finish.

Rimmel's 107 - The next favourite has to be the very hyped burgundy shade, Rimmel's '107'. As soon as Autumn hits, I tend to whip this out straight away because the colour is simply gorgeous, perfect for this season. I'd describe it as a red/pinky toned burgundy shade because it's more on the red scale when it comes to darker lipsticks. It's a matte option, where similar to Russian red, it isn't drying on the lips and holds a creamy consistency. The lasting power isn't as strong, however it still stays on the lips for several hours, keeping the staple berry lip look. If you're looking to branch out on to berry lips and don't want anything too dramatic, this is a fabulous choice, I adore it.

Revlon's matte balm in Sultry - Despite the cooler season being all about berry/darker lip shades, there's days where I prefer to wear a nude/pink lip. As pale nudes or pinks aren't really me, I love to go for a dusky pink colour. This one in particular is simply divine, I can't get enough of it. It's in a chubby stick style, making application really easy as there's more control when drawing on the colour. When applied, the consistency is so soft and even though it's matte, it feels incredible on the lips. For matte balms I didn't think the lasting power would be good, however it's fantastic, they last like a dream and set really well on the lips, making it feel like you're not wearing lisptick. The colour is stunning, a slightly dark dusky pink, which really compliments my skin tone. It's not a very striking or subtle colour, therefore ideal for that in between shade.

Maybelline's Berry much - Moving onto the truly vampier shades that for me completely scream autumn, 'Berry much' fits the category perfectly. Crafted in a pencil shape form, the application is simple, where as the nip is thinner than a typical lipstick, creating a stable purple lip easily. The colour is absolutely astonishing, ideal for those who are vampy lip lovers. When applied on the lips, the pigmentation is strong, where the colour itself is a definitive berry, purple shade. I'd say the colour holds rather well, the packaging is incredible and overall it's perfect to create that bold purple lip.

Mac's Diva - Last but not least is the utterly sensational Mac's Diva. If you've read my recent favourites post or latest tutorial, you'd see I've featured this lipstick as it's become a top favourite very quickly. Colour wise, I'd say it's very similar to 'Berry much', where 'Diva' is slightly more burgundy toned, compared to 'Berry much' holding more of a purple base. The pigmentation it tremendous, building a perfect stable dark lip when applied. It's lasting power is heavenly as is the consistency because like many of the other lipsticks, despite the matte finish it's a very creamy texture. I'm genuinely obsessed with this lipstick, the only thing left to say is you need it. It's definitely worth the splurge. If you're a dark lipstick lover like me and think you have enough shades, one more won't hurt right?

Below are some more swatches of my favourite shades:

I hope you enjoyed this post on my go to autumn/winter lipsticks, as you can tell I'm in my prime this time of year! What are you favourite lip shades?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. The darker shades are just soooo lovely!
    Jabeen x

  2. These are so pretty x

    Charlotte ~

  3. My favourite dark lip right now is KIKO smart lipstick in 914, it's a lovely deep pink berry. The Revlon balm sounds lovely, I really want to try it out :)

    Velvet Blush | Beauty Giveaway

    1. Ooh that sounds gorgeous! I hope you like it if you do :)

  4. Kate Moss 107 is my absolute fav lipstick ever!

  5. I have the Revlon Matte Balm in 'Sultry' too and i love it so much, i wore it all last winter ^_^



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