Spring lip product essentials

Well hello to you my reader chums! Now spring has begun, I thought I would share with you my go to lip products for this season. The majority are fairly new finds and one is a favourite old discovery. For me when we transition into spring, its all about quite fresh makeup, pink lips and more brighter shades for the lips also. I've got a variety from quite subtle to very bright lip choices, here's all the products:

The first product is a Baby Lips Dr Rescue in the shade 'Just peachy'. This range is fairly new in the UK and come in a selection from light to more bold colours. 'Just peachy' is a baby pink colour and gives quite a glossy light pink wash over the lips. As its very low key, its perfect for a quick everyday use. I love this because its really moisturising on the lips and has a fresh, minty scent.
The next lip product is one of the hyped up Revlon lip butter in 'Peach parfait'. These are perfect for this season because you can just whip them on and they are super soft on the lips. This shade in particular gives a beautiful rosy coloured, glossy sheen on the lips.
Another one of my essentials are the Revlon matte balms, as you can tell from the picture above I have 3 which I adore for this season! The first one is in the shade 'Elusive' and is this medium, toned down pink shade. For me its a very Spring pink colour as its not too much of a bright pink, yet also not too muted- a great in between. Since these lip products are matte, the lasting power is very good and despite this element they are really soft on the lips. The application is a lip balm consistency, yet gives the final look of a lipstick.
A more bold option of the Revlon matte balms is the shade 'Audacious' This colour is a very bright orange, great for a more out there makeup look. I love orangey shades and for those braver people who would wear them this one is a good choice! 

The last Revlon matte balm is one of my most recent additions and in the shade 'sultry'. Out of the three, this one is the darkest. The colour is a brown toned, dusky rose which when applied has a vintage edge to it. I think this one is a great darker option for a spring day!
The last item is a very loved product of mine and it's Tanya Burr's 'Picnic in the park'. I was obsessed with this when I first bought it for the Spring time last year. Its a beautiful pinky colour with a glossy sheen over the top which is the only lipgloss I know to not only last but leave your lips feeling moisturised! I think those who love a subtle bit of colour especially pink will adore this product as its not too striking! For more swatches I wrote this blog post a while back.

I hope you enjoyed reading my Spring lip products essentials post. What are your favourite lip items for the Spring time?

Thank you for reading <3


  1. Ooo lovely colour's, be perfect for spring :) I see a lot about those Baby Lips Dr Rescue will have to get one!

    Meme xx

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    'Bad Hair Day? No Way*'

  2. This is exactly what I have been looking for! Amazing colours :)
    Parie xx

  3. Such pretty colours! x

  4. I don't wear any make up at all, but I do love seeing reviews about it and looking at make up tutorials. This is why I am commenting here: I do like this entry, but I think it would have been a nice addition if you would've showed the products on your lips, rather than the back of your hand. Seeing how it looks on lips and with your skintone would make this already nice blogpost even nicer! Not trying to force you to do anything you don't want, I'm just trying to politely state my opinion ♥
    Anyway, those are pretty colours. They all have a vibrant, refreshing feeling ♥

    1. I'll bare that in mind for next time! In reviews I usually do the swatches on my lips. Thank you for the tips :)


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