Review: Lush fresh face mask in 'brazened honey'

Well hello to you my reader chums and Happy Saturday! Today I was initially going to write a makeup tutorial post, however as I'm not feeling too well, I thought I'd give you a review of a face mask I've been loving recently. I have rather normal skin, where luckily I'm not somebody who gets a lot of spots or troubles with my skin. Despite this, in December I had a really bad breakout and was on the look out for something that would clear up my skin. I popped into lush and spoke to one of the ladies about my skin dilemma and since she had the same skin type as me, recommended this 'Brazened honey' face mask. I've never tried out a Lush face mask and was eager to give it a go.
Originally when I saw the pot, I thought I wouldn't get many uses out of it but gosh I was wrong. I'd say I've had about 8 generous masks and there appears to be enough left for one, possibly two more. The consistency is very thick meaning when applied, quite a hefty layer is put on.

The mask is a pale green/yellow colour and has quite a natural scent that I love because it feels like you're not putting something full of chemicals onto your skin. The texture is quite rough because of the exfoliating qualities in the product, which help give a deep clean and freshness feel once its been washed off the face. 

On the first use of this mask there wasn't a dramatic difference as such, yet my skin was a lot calmer, it felt refreshed and cleansed. I have to say its one of those things which gets worse before it get better scenarios because after the first use of the product, there were more spots appearing, however after a few more face masks, my skin was clearing up and the spots becoming less and less noticeable. After every use, my skin felt revived and oh so soft, with all the impurities washed away. Each time I put on a face mask, I left it on for the whole time to receive the full benefit from the product. I used it about twice every week, using my simple face wash on alternative nights.

For only £6.50, its done wonders and I'm keen to try out more face masks from Lush. They're also perfect for pamper evenings, to treat yourself to a lovely deep cleanse. Ooh I do love a good face mask!

I hope you enjoyed this review. Would you recommend any other face masks?

Thank you for reading! <3


  1. I really love the cupcake face mask from lush, it so nice! Such a great blog post<3

  2. This looks amazing, the lush face masks always look lovely, but. I've actually never tried one! Great review! Face masks are such a good way to deep clean your skin, aren't they?

    My favourite face mask is the Elizabeth's Daughter Clay Mask, it's only available online but their skin care is literally my all time favourite. Amie also do a clay mask, which I have in the cupboard but haven't tried, I presume it's very similar for a cheaper price:) might use it today!!

  3. Lush beauty products are amazing, so natural on the skin and I haven't had one irritation, I really like their face masks. Great post <3
    Hope you feel better I'm ill too :(

    Meme xx

  4. Great review! I had no idea Lush did facemasks, but I am going to get one next time I go!

  5. Great review I really wanted to try this. xox

  6. I really want this now !!!!

    lovely blog post had a great read :)

    love your blog :)

    new post --> would love to see a comment

    My blogloving i follow everyone back who follows me :)

    have a nice day



  7. Nice post, I def want to try it :) x


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