2014 Beauty favourites ❤

Well hello to you my reader chums! Since another month is over and we're into the new year, instead of a monthly favourites of December, I would give you an overview of all the products I've been loving in 2014. As there's a selection of them, lets get into it:

Real techniques brushes: Over this year I've definitely built myself a good collection of these brushes, none of which have failed to disappoint me. Each and every one of them is incredibly soft, are amazing quality, clean easily and do the job justice. My top 3 I've been loving this year is the blush brush, buffing brush and angled eye shadow brush. The blush brush I've used for contouring and blusher, it picks up just the right amount of product and can really get into the cheekbones to achieve a lovely bronzed look. I've been loving the buffer brush for BB cream because it gives the nicest natural finish and blends really easily. The angled eye shadow brush is one I use for every single eye look because it blends like a dream and is the softest brush! I have a big love for them all and could go on about them forever!

Liquid face products: My favourite ones have been Maybelline's BB cream and Collection's lasting perfection concealer. When I first bought the BB cream I used it quite sparingly and for days where I felt my skin needed a little boost. However as time went on it became part of my everyday makeup routine because I loved the finish it gave on my skin and the lightness of the product. Another year and the same old concealer, I still love it and will continue to love it. Collection's lasting perfection has great coverage, blends rather well and is so inexpensive.

Base products: I only have one to show you but its a 3 in 1- Sleek's face form palette in light. I'm not even joking when I say I've used this everyday since I got it. I love all 3 of the products in the palette, the bronzer is the perfect matte brown shade which achieves the nicest contour and bronzed look, with only a little product needed. The blush and highlighter shade both give the most beautiful shimmer which really bring out the cheek bones. Its such a pretty palette and has a huge mirror, ideal for travelling or on the go.

Eyes: The first product is the Maybelline colour in 'On and on bronze', I got a lot of use out of this wearing it on a daily basis. Its so quick you can just throw it on, blend it and voila you're good to go. I like to use it as a base and build on it with other eye shadows. It has such a good lasting power, gives the loveliest bronze shimmer colour and blends easily. I've been loving a couple of the other colours from the range too! The other eye products are MUA palettes. I have a couple of these and throughout the year have been loving the variety of looks you can accomplish with these palettes. They cost a minimal amount for what you get, I just love them and I think they are ideal for those who are starting out with makeup because it gives you the chance to experiment with makeup without breaking the bank! I'm sure you'll see from many of my previous makeup tutorials the looks I've created.

Lips: Ooh this year I've definitely gained a bit of a lipstick obsession especially towards the last half of the year! My ultimate favourite shade which I wore a lot in the colder months was Kate's range by Rimmel in number 107. Oh my gosh, this lipstick has the most beautiful colour and I am extremely obsessed with it, if you want a burgundy berry shade this one is for you! The other lip products I've been loving is Tanya Burr's line especially her lip gloss in 'Chic'. 'Chic' is the most perfect nude colour that I would wear on days I wouldn't want any colour to my lips but a bit of oomph. It gives the loveliest shine, smells amazing and I just love it!
Skincare: The two skincare products I've been using non-stop this year is Garnier's miceller water and moisture match moisturiser for normal to dry skin. I picked up the micellar water around the spring time and have used nothing else to remove my makeup since. It takes makeup off like a dream and is very gentle on the skin because it doesn't have a particular fragrance and is designed for sensitive skin. The moisturiser is one I've been using for a while, it hydrates my skin without it feeling too greasy which some moisturisers can do and lasts for ages as its quite rich, where only a minimal amount is needed.

Fragrance: My top Fragrance this year was Marc Jacob's Daisy. I received this last Christmas and it has the most beautiful scent, its one which I will never get sick of. I'd describe it as very floral and girly, ahh I'm obsessed! The Christmas just gone I received Daisy dream ( the one in the blue bottle) which has a similar floral scent just not as sweet.

Nails:  This year its been all about BarryM nail polishes! Every time I did my nails I'd be using a BarryM polish. Below shows a couple of my favourites, the matte shade is one which I'd whip on when I wanted more of a neutral nail. As it dries extremely fast, it was perfect for the days  I needed to do my nails super quickly! The burgundy gelly shade in 'Chilli', is one I wore a lot through Autumn and Winter because I loved the shade and finish it gave. I've been loving to wear a feature nail a lot and this glitter shade has been great for that!

Hair: One of my favourite hair products this year has been this Keratin smooth heat defence by Tresemme. It has the nicest smell and when straightening after applying some of this, it leaves the hair looking much more silkier and feeling smoother.

I hoped you enjoyed this post of an overview of my favourite products from 2014. I'm pretty sure I wrote the word love a gazillion time but you know they are my favourites haha! What have been your top products of 2014?
Thank you for reading <3


  1. Oh you listed some good stuff right there, we share many favs :) xox


  2. I have Rimmel 107 and I'm just so scared to wear it :o

    Alice x

    1. Give it a go trust me you'll love it, it's literally my favourite lipstick to put on! If you don't want to wear it full on, pop some on a lip brush and apply it that way- it won't look as bold :) xx

  3. I love knowing what people recommend. I love the little palette with the blush and bronzer. :) It's like the perfect little item. All you'd need is that, BB cream, concealer, eye makeup, and lip. You're all good to go. :)
    I also have never tried BB cream, people say it's a great alternative to foundation, maybe this will be the year.


    1. Aww yay! Yeah give it a go and let me know how you get on! :) xx

  4. I love the Barry M nail polishes, especially the Christmas tree one x


  5. I love my real techniques brushes, I keep hearing good things about Daisy By Marc Jacobs, I'll have to look into buying this!

    Meme xx

    http://thedayinthelifeofmexoxo.blogspot.co.uk/ (Hope to see you around on my blog <3)

  6. I absolutely love that perfume! Actually I live all Marc Jacob's perfumes they just smell so f*ing good my current favorite is Dot. xx



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