Being happy #2

Well hello to you my reader chums!

It's been over a week since I last blogged! Sorry about that, everything's just been a bit busy because I went back to school on Monday and its all been a bit stressful! I can't believe I'm in my last year of school- year 13! Seems like yesterday I was beginning year 7.. 

Today I thought I'd talk about happiness, this is something I've struggled with for the past year if I'm honest. It was such a hard year for me for many personal reasons but I was able to turn all this hate and upset into something positive and I am much happier now. I have some tips which may help:

1) Learn to accept who you are- if you keep comparing yourself to every other you person you see, you'll never find happiness within your own skin. You need to realise everybody even the most popular girl in school has flaws and isn't perfect. Just because you don't follow the latest trend or look a certain way it doesn't make you weird or unusual, if anything it's a good thing. Everyone is unique meaning there's no point in copying people just to fit in with the crowd because the people who like you won't know the real you, they think your this person your trying to portray. Being you will help you gain true friends who get and understand you. 

2) Always look at the good in things- what I mean by this is that even if your having a bad day, take a step back and think about what you love about your life, it could be friends, family, your house etc. Remember it's just a bad day not a bad life, things to look up, time is the best healer. 

3) Live every day like its your last- Time goes so fast and before you know it you've  grown up, I'm in year 13 like where did the time go?!! Wake up each morning with a positive thought as I guarantee it'll change your whole outlook for the day. Grasp every moment and cherish it, laugh with your friends, do crazy things and life with no regrets!

4) Don't dwell- This is so hard not to to. A key thing of being happy is to not dwell on bad things that have happened, it's about learning to pick yourself up, being stronger and moving on. All the bad things that happen in your life create you to be the person your going to be, you learn from your mistakes. If say one day you felt you betrayed a friend, don't dwell and make yourself feel even worse, go up to that friend and apologise, don't overthink it in your head and make it sound worse than it actually was.

5) Just keep swimming-My favourite saying <3 Life is like a roller coaster- cliche but it is. It has endless amounts of ups and downs but instead of causing the downs to affect you, you need to keep swimming. As much as you may hate your life right now, I promise you it will get better, it has for me and it will for you. Life isn't easy but if you don't let it get you down, happiness can be found. Happiness is a journey not a destination. 

My friends help me through everything <3
If anybody reading this is going through a hard time, feel free to DM me on twitter, in here for anyone! 

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Keep positive, stay strong and just keep swimming as Talia always said <3

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